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What Women Want MORE Than The "Alpha-Male PUA" - Plus SEVEN NEW VIDEOS!

You are in for a real treat today, with SEVEN truly KICK-BUTT new videos that will get you in HIGH GEAR for attracting amazing, quality women!   

The FIRST gets us off to a roaring start with the most IMPORTANT aspect for attracting women both in the INITIAL pick-up AND for the long-term attraction as well. The IRONY is that this very skill is something that the "seduction community" and "PUA" community tends to "POO-POO" and mock as being "beta" when in reality it is the LIFEBLOOD of success for attracting women:

Of course, the fact that the entire PUA community "poo-poos" this idea and underestimates it does not surprise me, as the entire PUA community ALSO thought for many years that pick up lines and memorized routines were the best way to attract women, as evidenced by the content and popularity of the book "The Game", which was all about pick-up lines and memorized routines--and is now completely DISCREDITED in terms of having any relevance to being the best way to attract women at all.  

Even the author HIMSELF rejects those ideas and has gone on record as such.

And, even while the entire community of PUAs (pick up artists) and dating "gurus" in that book SWORE by those methods, I was teaching my students something very different; I was teaching them how to ACTUALLY attract women with far superior skills and insights into attraction, using concepts, tools, and strategies such as the ones you are learning here. 

So once again, in time, the entire PUA community will eventually adopt what I am teaching you here today-things that my students have been learning from me since long before "The Game" was ever written. The PUA community just won't acknowledge that it was me who they learned it from. 

Anyway, NEXT we move onto a CRUCIAL point about creating a deep sense of CONNECTION with a woman, and the great part about this is how EASY it is and how IMPORTANT it is. 

It's about giving a woman that sense of being able to just CHILL with you and feel RELAXED around you.  Without THIS, there is NO WAY ON EARTH she can feel comfortable enough to escalate to greater levels of intimacy.

Now, have you EVER felt, when seeing a woman you were CRAZY about, that you just "weren't good enough" for her? That you didn't "have the value" to get her????

Well, let me OBLITERATE that fear from your mind FOREVER, because what women get turned ON by is DIFFERENT in its very NATURE than what MEN get turned on by. 

Allow me to explain with a quote from Michael Castleman, M.A.: 

Romance novels are often called "porn for women." Porn is all about sexual fantasies. In porn for men, the fantasy is sexual abundance--eager women who can't get enough and have no interest in a relationship. In porn for women as depicted in romance novels, the fantasy is to be desired so much that the man loses all control, though he never actually hurts the woman, and in the end, marries her.

For women, the fantasy is to be desired to an extraordinary degree. 

Allow me to elaborate with this next video!

Next, I want to explain something of VITAL importance, which is the DEEP PSYCHOLOGICAL REASON for WHY it's important to not kiss up. It has to do with MORE than just being "masculine"; it actually has to do with the way HUMANS are HARD-WIRED:

"But WAIT! There's MORE!" :)

In my NEXT video for you, I get into something a little UNPOPULAR in our POLITICALLY-CORRECT society that loves to BASH AND DESTROY all the traditional values on which our entire CIVILIZATION was built.

I explain how there may really be no such thing as "casual sex".  Aristotle used to believe that when a woman has sex with a man, then even if she later has sex with another man, the CHILD that is born may still carry the traits of PREVIOUS lovers/mates that were with that woman.  

Well, science and the study of HEREDITY came along and at first REJECTED that idea of telegony, thinking this was impossible in nature.  However, it now has been PROVEN that this actually DOES occur in at least SOME species and scientists have DOCUMENTED it in detail.   

I look at this as a little hint, a "whisper in your ear" if you will, that lets us know sex is not "just sex".  The connections between man and woman as a result of sex, and the  RAMIFICATIONS of those connections, are DEEP, POWERFUL AND PERMANENT, regardless of how much our politically-correct, tradition-bashing, insane society tries to destroy this notion.

The reason WHY so few people in our society ever know the truth about anything, including how to attract amazing women, is because they get TRICKED into believing B.S. through the forces of SOCIAL PROOF, as I explain in this video:

In my NEXT video, I once AGAIN fly in direct CONTRADICTION to the supposed "pick up experts" out there who say that you should just THINK POSITIVE to get over the fear of "approach anxiety".  

The ACTUAL TRUTH, and this has been something I not only had to LEARN the HARD WAY, but is also something I poured YEARS into RESEARCHING FOR REAL, is the OPPOSITE!!!!!!

The REAL way to overcome intense "approach anxiety" is to learn the proper way to EMBRACE THE ABSOLUTE WORST, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Check out the video for more details right here:

Now, unless you've been living on another planet, you probably know that there is a popular book called 50 Shades of Grey, which was turned into a hit movie as well, along with a hit sequel.  You probably also know that the themes in them include bondage and fantasies of forced sex, and that these books and movies are loved by WOMEN

Well, it turns out this is nothing new, and that RAPE FANTASIES are EXTREMELY COMMON in women. And the women they are MOST common in are NOT women who are weak, or low self-esteem, or victims of abuse, contrary to what people used to think when there was no EMPIRICAL DATA regarding these women.  

The truth turns out to be the OPPOSITE of that old notion! The women who have these fantasies the MOST are women who are HIGH SELF-ESTEEM, who are OPEN to sex, and who feel confident and great!

So I want to explain what all this means for YOU as a man when you are out there approaching women and trying to attract them:

Now, if you have been reading and watching this so far, I hope you can see that I take this field very seriously, with a great degree of responsibility, and that I am the real thing. And, as powerful as these videos are, they represent just the tip of the iceberg of what I can do for your success with women through my programs and live one-on-one coaching. 

If you want solutions when it comes to getting success with women, I suggest you first download my books and programs. Each one contains pure GOLD on attracting women. Then, take your success to the NEXT level by contacting me for live, one-on-one private coaching, either through bootcamp in person, or through Skype. 

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The name of that program is Obliterating Approach Anxiety, and there is nothing else out there that comes even CLOSE to its level of effectiveness for ensuring you conquer "approach anxiety" forever.

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Life with an amazing woman enhances your entire experience OF life. And time is precious. If you don't take action now, it's very possible you will find that YEARS have gone by and nothing has changed. So take action NOW.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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