Thursday, July 13, 2017

Alpha Males And Good Girls

A wise alpha male knows there's nothing more powerful for a man than being with an amazing good girl. 

And yet, like no time before in history, good girls today are PRECIOUS and few. The destruction of values and morals that have stood the test of time for thousands of years is happening right before our eyes. Forces such as third-wave feminism and political correctness are on the ASSAULT against the foundations of our civilization.

"Good girls" are EVERYTHING when it comes to motivating a man to be his best. It's simple, really.  There is no greater HIGH in this world than that which comes from women-it hits men on every emotional level. It's chemical-the release of DOPAMINE is triggered, which makes you feel EXCITED and ELATED. And the release of OTHER important chemicals as well, which make you feel CALM, are triggered.

So it's no wonder that men will DIVE into BATTLE, they will WORK their fingers to the BONE, they will climb the highest MOUNTAIN, in order to win the interest of women.

The PROBLEM is when this drive is not HARNESSED intelligently. The wrong women will drive a man to jump off a building, or to destroy himself in a million other ways emotionally, financially, physically, or spiritually.

But the RIGHT woman will use her power to make a man the BEST he can be.

Let me give you an example. You know the BILLION DOLLAR empires more familiar to audiences as the SUPER HERO films? Well it would not EXIST today if it were not for a great woman, who actually just passed away last week.

Stan Lee, the man who co-created so MANY absolutely ICONIC super heroes such as SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, HULK, AVENGERS, and FANTASTIC FOUR was at one time a FAILING comic book writer who was about to QUIT comic writing after suffering from depression due to his career FAILURE.

But do you know what his wife, Joan, told him? "Before you quit why don’t you write one comic you are proud of?" It was after this he wrote his FIRST massively successful comic, “The Fantastic Four.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

When a man has the support of a great woman he is attracted to, he has NO FEAR of anything else.  There is no such thing as failure, because he ALREADY HAS what he REALLY needs to survive and thrive emotionally, so his mind is FREE to truly be RESOURCEFUL instead of being bogged down by fear. 

Fear SHUTS DOWN your mind's ability to be at its BEST. This has been PROVEN.

And not only does the right woman liberate you from the fear of failure, but she also motivates you to want to succeed because success is what she truly WANTS for you.

And the story I shared with you today is not an isolated one. If you do the research, you will see how just about EVERY man of accomplishment out there was motivated by the right woman.

This is why I have made sure to focus my work on helping men attract GOOD GIRLS who are the "total package".

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Michael Marks

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