Monday, July 31, 2017

Why NICE GUYS Finish LAST With Women, Why MORE MEN THAN EVER Are Kissing Up To Women, And What YOU Should Do Instead

I want to explain something of VITAL importance, which is the DEEP PSYCHOLOGICAL REASON for WHY it's important to not kiss up to women. It has to do with MORE than just being "masculine"; it actually has to do with the way HUMANS are HARD-WIRED:

"Nice guys" in the generic sense aren't even really nice at all. They're doing things that they WOULDN'T normally do-they're going OUT OF THEIR WAY to put themselves last when it comes to trying to please women, and it ONLY bites them in the butt.

BEYOND the scientific "cognitive dissonance" reason I explained in the video, kissing up to women ALSO simply goes AGAINST the entire PRIMAL, VISCERAL, SEXUAL image she has of the kind of man she WANTS to be with sexually.

And this is ALSO science as well-it's part of EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY.  

But guess what? Even though this is all true, we have MORE MEN THAN EVER that STILL KISS UP to women.

The reason for this is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Men are TRULY bombarded from BIRTH these days with ENDLESS messages from the media and from feminist organizations that men are IDIOTS, that women are SUPERIOR MORALLY, that men are RAPISTS, that women are TRAUMATIZED by the very THOUGHT of a man even thinking sexually about them.

So OF COURSE this results in a society where men really THINK they are supposed to kiss up and to REPRESS their very interest in women, at least to real women-which is part of what probably drives a lot of men to ONLY live in a FANTASY world when it comes to women, i.e. porn or video games or virtual reality or "cam girls".

And yet, the REALITY of what attracts women has remained the SAME for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.  Political correctness tries to ERASE TRUTH, to ERASE REALITY, and it tries to REPRESS your very AUTHENTIC MASCULINE NATURE.  Your very INTEREST in women!!!!!

This is why I created my program Politically Incorrect Pickup, which I SERIOUSLY suggest you download IMMEDIATELY as your ANTIDOTE against all this politically correct insanity that is DESTROYING your ability with women.  Politically Incorrect Pickup is an absolute NECESSITY for ANY man living in North America, the UK, Western Europe, or Australia. 

Download it IMMEDIATELY at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks    

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