Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stop Thinking You're Not "Good Enough" To Attract Women

Have you EVER felt, when seeing a woman you were CRAZY about, that you just "weren't good enough" for her? That you didn't "have the value" to get her????

Well, let me OBLITERATE that fear from your mind FOREVER, because what women get turned ON by is DIFFERENT in its very NATURE than what MEN get turned on by. 

Allow me to explain with a quote from Michael Castleman, M.A.: 

Romance novels are often called "porn for women." Porn is all about sexual fantasies. In porn for men, the fantasy is sexual abundance--eager women who can't get enough and have no interest in a relationship. In porn for women as depicted in romance novels, the fantasy is to be desired so much that the man loses all control, though he never actually hurts the woman, and in the end, marries her.

For women, the fantasy is to be desired to an extraordinary degree. 

Allow me to elaborate with this important video:

As you can see, knowing the RIGHT information about women and attraction is the key to success with women, whether it is how to approach women, how to attract them, how to create the connection, how to solve a relationship issue, or any other aspect of your interaction with women.  

There is no other aspect of a man's life that has such a powerful effect on his entire life, including his health, his emotions, and his finances. The RIGHT woman OPTIMIZES your performance in every part of your life, and the WRONG woman destroys you in every one of those aspects. Getting this part of your life handled is absolutely VITAL. 

I've spent my life immersed in this field, and I guarantee you that I will get you the results you want with women.  Take advantage of my exclusive, private, one-on-one telephone or Skype coaching today.  You will see how my experience and insight will make an IMMEDIATE and MASSIVE difference in your success with women.  

When you receive coaching from me, each hour you spend with me will save you approximately one YEAR of time, energy, and painful emotions learning the hard way. And to be honest, most men will NEVER learn this stuff on their own, because the right information is simply NOT out there. 

So how much is each year of your LIFE worth to you?

To book a consultation with me, email me the details of when would work best for you, and what method would work best for you-telephone or Skype.  My email is:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks    

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