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Why Women Need Masculine Men

with the skills to create a DEEP LEVEL
CONNECTION, is what attracts a woman
and turns her into a fantastic girlfriend who
will be loyal to you to the ultimate level.

Since 2003, I have been focused on
helping men RECLAIM the power
of being a MAN.

In fact, in my first book, "The Dating Wizard:
Secrets to Success With Women", the term
"THE MAN" appears tons of times. 

It's the ESSENCE, if you will, of the book. 

What do I mean by “THE MAN”?

I mean being everything that a man is
NATURALLY, before he got brainwashed
by too much modern culture over the past
several decades.

Before then, man's natural sense of masculinity
was pretty much the same since the BEGINNING
of TIME.

Yes, it's nice we have become more
civilized and moved out of the caves,
but that doesn't mean that there aren't
certain PRIMAL elements of masculinity

Pretending that we aren't men only serves
to WEAKEN a woman's attraction to us.

In order for a woman to feel FEMININE and to
feel attracted, then on the deepest, most primal level
she must sense that you are "the yin" to her "yang",

This is polarity working in your favor.
The more masculine you are, the more feminine she feels.

She must sense MASCULINITY in you in a RAW
visceral sense.

This is why it’s so important in our MODERN
culture to NOT be swayed by media or images
or politically correct mentalities that tell men
that men and women are THE SAME.

Women are INDEED worth EVERY BIT

And they deserve every last iota of respect
that any man does.

But men and women are not “IDENTICAL” IN THE SENSE

In fact, a society that does not SEPARATE
the concepts of MASCULINITY AND
FEMININITY actually ROBS both men
AND women of the joy of sexuality.

Now, it's hard to argue with the entire
HUMAN HISTORY backing up these

Everything has changed in the past few
decades. Before that, however, and in
fact since the beginning of RECORDED
HUMAN HISTORY, the concepts of
masculinity and femininity were clearly
defined in every culture.

It's ALWAYS been important to separate
and define the MASCULINE vs. the FEMININE.

In the past, this was always clear.

to preach masculinity.  Instead you must be
one of the few men who know the SECRET
of how important it is to actually BE masculine
even though we keep being told as men to
REPRESS our masculinity.

You must KNOW it and PRACTICE it, even
in the face of politically correct hogwash that
says men and women should act exactly the

Women expect a man to know that modern
politically correct talk about men and women
behaving identically is HOGWASH.

Women don't want you to act the same as them!!

And they don't want to have to TEACH a man
that he needs to be more masculine.

If a man doesn't understand that a woman wants
her man to be masculine, she won't TEACH the
guy; she'll just avoid him in any sexual sense.

More than ever, men and women are ALLOWED
to be with each other, however at the same time
there is LESS attraction than ever!  The same
forces that say men and women are the same
and TECHNICALLY allow men and women
to be with each other, are also the forces that
DILUTE the sexual fire of desire between men
and women.

Here are some ways that men and women are
blurring the distinctions between the genders:

Women these days are trying to be men in terms
of trying to act "like one of the boys" sexually.
Most men tend to encourage this, thinking this is
fun or cool, not realizing this is destructive.

Many men are also trying to act like women,
thinking that this shows "sensitivity and niceness".

And many men are trying to attract women by
being "politically correct" and non-sexual.

The distinctions between men and women's
roles has become blurred, and it's not helping
men or women at all.

It's the CONTRAST between male and female
that creates the SEXUAL FIRE OF DESIRE
between men and women.

If men and women were TOO SIMILAR,
there would be NO EROTIC FIRE.

This is ALSO what I mean about being

The more YOU are THE MAN, the more
a woman feels like she is A WOMAN.

And trust me, one of the finest sexual compliments
you can ever get from a woman is “you made me
feel like a woman” or “you brought out the woman
in me”.

When a woman IS feeling ATTRACTED
to a man, she becomes like a little girl around
that guy, until she gets in bed, of course, and
then she becomes a WOMAN.

And there is no way in HELL that any
woman is going to feel THAT when a
guy acts like he is exactly like her,
as if he is another woman, just happening
to have a male organ on him.

In fact, that’s the whole IDEA of "Clark
Kent", is that his BEHAVIOR is so
NOT "THE MAN" in the movies, that
in real life this kind of NON-MASCULINE
behavior makes the part of a woman’s
brain that is responsible for PRIMAL
URGES, to “FORGET” that he is a man.

So she feels nothing sexual for "Clark Kent".

in being a MAN around a woman who is FEMININE,
and there is an instinctive primal pleasure for a woman
to be around a man who is MASCULINE.

All else is hogwash!

So when I say BE THE MAN, I mean
be MASCULINE in every way.

It should show in your authority and tonality
when you open up the conversation with her.

It should show in your decisiveness,
in your leading the interaction, and
it should even show in your sense
of humor.

It should even show in your style of
clothing and accessories.

And it should show in the way you get
"physically intimate" with her. This doesn't
mean that you have to be an "animal" all the
time, and there is a time for being tender
with her in bed, but DEFINITELY you want
to be outgoing and primal in bed with her
as well.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks 

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