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What You Can Do In Just Two Hours Of Skilled Pick-Up With Quality Women

I want to show you the SHORTEST path, the
QUICKEST path, the most EFFICIENT path
to getting the woman or women you WANT.

In a nutshell, the answer is:


Now, those words are PREGNANT with information,
with meaning, with power, and they involve many
different skills, ESPECIALLY in our CURRENT
feminist society.

But make no mistake about it, ACTION must be
taken, you MUST approach women, you MUST
talk to them, and you MUST demonstrate that
winning personality.

And you have to do all this very FAST, because
she is a total stranger, and the window of opportunity
each time tends to be very BRIEF.

THAT is where the skill is.

It’s not such a big deal if you have endless hours
to get to know a  woman.  In those cases, you just have
to show that winning personality but you don’t have
to do it so FAST.

But when approaching women who are total strangers,
you have to do all this very EFFICIENTLY.

Whether she is standing next to you on the bus
or waiting in line at the bank or at the supermarket,
MOMENTS, sometimes even less.

So your ability to get her LOCKED INTO a conversation
with you where she WANTS to continue talking to you
is MASSIVELY important.

One of the challenges involved in approaching women
who are total strangers is the nervousness and fear
that accompanies taking this action, and then this
fear not only makes you want to AVOID taking
action, it also SCREWS UP your very actions-
the fear impedes your ability to THINK straight,
to BE funny, to BE witty, to SHOW sexuality,
etc, etc.

This fear goes AWAY when you take a lot of ACTION.
When you approach a lot of women, over and over
again, and when you confront your various fears
HEAD ON as much as possible for as long as possible.

There is so substitute for taking ACTION.
It builds up your IMMUNITY to fear, to anxiety, to
you various concerns regarding approaching women.

And the TRUTH is also that you learn MORE from
so called “failure” than you do from success!

I would NEVER in a million YEARS take away all
the valuable lessons I’ve learned from the approaches
where I didn’t get the woman!

First of all, each interaction with each new woman is
ANOTHER woman’s personality that you have experienced
and that you can now better relate to in the future with
similar women.

ALSO, each “failure” makes you LESS concerned about
FAILURE as you start to realize that EMOTIONALLY it
is really NO BIG DEAL.

And the SOONER you realize that, the SOONER you
can learn to actually FOCUS on what happened in the
interaction, and what YOU could to IMPROVE the next

For example, was your TONALITY showing confidence?
Or did you vocal pitch start to rise in approval-seeking?

Were you focused on BEING PRESENT and observing
and listening instead of just being focused on giving her
an ACT or some memorized pick-up line?

Did you open the conversation up with something NEGATIVE
instead of positive, funny, intriguing, or at least neutral?

And so on and so forth.

When guys talk about the process of pick-up and being
nervous about it, what they don’t realize is that this
can actually be THE MOST FUN THING EVER.

I myself STILL do this even when not in professional mode,
for myself, SIMPLY to keep the PICK-UP SKILLS sharp.


This “game” is "3-D" because it’s REAL LIFE.
It requires you to use your INTELLECT, your GUTS, your
WIT, your HUMOR, your MASCULINE nature, and more!

So I ALWAYS look at this as a SKILL-BUILDING exercise
rather than getting all caught up on DID I GET THE WOMAN

Scientific studies have PROVEN that SKILL is acquired
MUCH FASTER when you simply FOCUS not on the

You might be wondering what the difference is.
The difference is that if you focus on the OUTCOME,
your mind is always thinking about the END and not

And to have the HIGHEST chance of GETTING the
DESIRED OUTCOME, you actually must NOT be
focused on the outcome, and instead focused on whatever
is most important in that specific MOMENT.

A scientific study analyzed two groups of people who
were creating POTTERY for ONE WEEK.

In one group, each person had to create only ONE
work of pottery, but to try to make it PERFECT.

In the other group, each person was told to create
AS MUCH QUANTITY as possible-to create as many
works of pottery as they could, and NOT be concerned
about making them perfect.

In the end, based in third-party objective judges, guess
which group created the more beautiful, impressive work?

It was NOT the group focused on PERFECTION.
Rather, it was the group focused on QUANTITY.

The reason for this is that these people kept on PRACTICING.
And they weren’t obsessed with the OUTCOME, they were
instead obsessed with focusing on the basic skills of the

So to me, that is yet ANOTHER reason to ENJOY
the PROCESS of the pick-ups.

But let me go even FURTHER.

Let me talk to you about a day that some guys might
think is a "BAD DAY". 

Just recently, I decided to spend a couple hours doing pick-up
just for the fun of it, almost like an experiment to see how much
practice and opportunity I could squeeze into 2 hours.

So I went to the busiest supermarket that I could think of,
where beautiful women often are found. It was a bit late in
the day, so unfortunately that would mean that it wouldn’t
be at PEAK time, and that means less women too.

But rather than be negative, I just focused on what could
be done.

While I was there, I spotted a statuesque blonde,
and based on my experience, I already knew that
her level of beauty (she was a TEN, definitely),
in the western world, probably meant that she 
was likely an actress or a model, and to be honest,
I DON’T PREFER this, because it’s only in the
western world where as soon as a woman is attractive,
she thinks she MUST cash in on it.

This is the case about 90 percent of the time with
women who are EXTREMELY attractive-I’m talking
far MORE than is required.

Seriously, I don’t think most men really CARE all that
much at all once a woman is just ATTRACTIVE.

She doesn’t have to be EXTREME.

Anyway, back to this woman.

Obviously, there are exceptions, including
women who truly have the passion for the creative
and artistic aspects of these careers, and who
work extremely hard at it, and who also work
extremely hard in school beforehand to have
a balanced education and appreciation for
life in general.

Now, the more years you do this, the more you
sense very, VERY quickly, and the more you
learn to CALIBRATE yourself very finely.

So, because I have been doing this for so many
years, I actually often say things VERBALLY
that are the OPPOSITE of what my body language
and TONALITY are saying.

So I approach her in the produce section, and
tell her something along the lines of actually
being SCARED to talk to her.

And she IMMEDIATELY breaks into a smile and
starts EXCUSING the way she looks, saying that
she feels unattractive today, and basically is
IMMEDIATELY qualifying herself.

Again, the reason this works is because my TONALITY
and facial expression is 97 percent of the message,
and on those channels I am coming across as actually
a LITTLE TOO CONFIDENT, so the 3 percent with my
words helps make it just right.

And again, this woman is DEFINITELY a TEN
on the superficial level.

Then, I find out she actually is not only a PROFESSIONAL
actress, but that she is a STAR on a MAJOR show on the
CW network, and currently FILMING during the week, not
too far away from this very place where we are talking.

It turns out she also graduated with a double major from
an extremely prestigious university, and that she graduated
in the top 10% of her class. (I did my homework on her
after the fact.)  And she doesn’t even live in the city,
but was filming here.

After chatting for a while and discussing our backgrounds,
it turns out she has a boyfriend, and it turns you may know
who he is in terms of seeing him on screen.

So, I ask you, was that some kind of TERRIBLE thing?
Is life so TERRIBLE because I didn’t get the FIRST
gorgeous woman I met of the day, who is something
extraordinary, inside and out?

Of course not.
It was another interaction, another chance to keep
the skills on opening, on spiking attraction, on
creating the bonds, etc.

And it was yet one more woman with her own nuances
of personality that help broaden my understandings and
reference points regarding women and human beings
in general.

And it was FUN.

And that FUN in ITSELF also helps BOOST my state
of mind for the NEXT interaction.

So on I go to yet ANOTHER supermarket, just for fun,
and because it’s close by.

Well, here we have a woman who, in some ways,

How is this possible?

Well, she isn’t the STEREOTYPE, but in terms of
what MEN REALLLLY want, she may even be HOTTER.

She isn’t blonde, she’s dark haired, but she is
athletic looking and toned and curvaceous to
the point that you would think she would
cause ACCIDENTS from people seeing her
while doing anything from just walking to
driving to anything else, because they would

And what was REALLY crazy here, is that she
was not dressed in some sleazy way, but somehow
her curves showed in all her clothing so she combined

Just totally BURNING hot.

She was in the snacks and chips aisle, and I
playfully teased her on how long it was taking
her to decide as she kept staring at the different
types of flavors of chips on display.

So I told her in mock seriousness that these
are very serious decisions, and that she shouldn’t
RUSH it, that she should be very careful to get it

She starts laughing and turns to me, and then
after TEASING her in this PLAYFUL way, I
bridged into a bit of a compliment and bit of
connection by asking if she was a fitness
instructor, based on the fact she can get away
with eating this stuff. 

So she immediately starts explaining that she’s
actually not, she works in a completely “normal”
job, and then we start to get into her background,
as she’s new to the country, and BINGO my mind
goes off THAT explains it, a woman who is even
HOTTER than the first and not an actress, and
WHADDAYA KNOW she is NOT from the west
at ALL.


TOTALLY warm, totally friendly, totally sexy,
totally awesome, no third-wave feminist corruption.

But, it turns out she is getting all this stuff to make
dinner for her boyfriend, and that is perfectly normal,
as why would a woman like this have to be single?

Women like this CAN be single, and some are,
but statistically, you have to meet SEVERAL WOMEN
till you meet a woman like this who is also single.

Well, again, that was SECOND experience of the day,
so far not even a full HOUR has passed by.

Is this so TERRIBLE???
Is this REJECTION????

I can tell you one thing, if THIS is something a guy
can’t TAKE, then he doesn’t HAVE the kind of
personality that a woman in demand CRAVES
in a man!

Personally, I’m having a BLAST!

And I am not above learning as well, and I go over
the interaction in my mind to see where I could
possibly be even sharper or more polished for
the next time around.

Next, I’m on the subway platform. It is BUSY.
But man, there are tons of MEN and not
enough WOMEN!

And some women, but ZERO chemistry that
I feel for.

And then, in WALTZES in this FEMININE FIGURE
in a SHORT red SKIRT and short sleeve red shirt,
and red heels. Curly long brunette hair. Red lipstick.

Late 20s.

Now, remember, it is SUMMER and VERY HOT.

And it’s so interesting:
As you know that every man in his HEAD just
HAS to be thinking about her she enters their
line of sight.

There is no WAY to NOT be ENGULFED in the
SENSORY OVERLOAD to your brain’s emotional

And yet NO ONE does ANYTHING.
A few men kind of sort of LOOK.

It is AMAZING, how the POWER she is RADIATING
and yet how NO ONE is doing ANYTHING.

And then I’m thinking, "Hey wait a second, is that
me TOO?
Am I ALSO not doing anything?"

So, I don’t BOTHER trying to PRE-PLAN and figure
it all out, like most guys do.

I KNOW that it is not a SIN to find her ATTRACTIVE.

So I just walk right up to her.
And she is wearing headphones, of course.
And I open her up with the first thought on my mind.
And remember, TONALITY is everything.

As I say the first few words, she takes off her headphones.
(Notice that I don’t even WAIT for her to take them off,
instead I take the attitude that she WILL take them off.)

So I casually, (CASUALLY), say to her:
“So, just curious, do most guys just MELT around you?
I’m imagining that’s what happens, judging by what’s
going on around here.”

She IMMEDIATELY starts to smile and act like
a schoolgirl.

And now that I have SAID those words, I have created
an INTERNAL picture of myself that I now feel COMPELLED
to live up to, to TRULY NOT MELT and act the same way
as if she was ANY OTHER WOMAN.

Think WOLVERINE from X-Men.

So she replies:

“Noooo.  But thank you. Why do you say that?”

Anyway, we end up getting into a conversation,
about men and women, and masculine and feminine
polarity, and how so few people tend to understand
this anymore, and how important it is for attraction.

And she is LOVING it.

And her TRAIN comes and stops. It then PASSES BY and she
not only makes NO EFFORT to stop the conversation,

So I decide to take her number and continue this later,
but she tells me that she has a boyfriend and then
IMMEDIATELY starts acting apologetic!!!!

She pulls out her phone and says “I’m really telling you
the truth, I want to show you,”
so she can show me the
pics of her and him.

And I never even asked her or doubted her.
It was almost as if she was saying that she had no
choice, that she couldn’t take things further but she


And by the way, I’m fully aware of sleazy tactics to
try to get past this kind of thing, but I don’t do that crap.

Most importantly, all these interactions not only
give you more CONFIDENCE, but that you give
you more COMPETENCE as well, and more
reference points for female psychology as well.

And they REINFORCE in your head how being
a MAN is what women WANT from you, and not
this namby-pamby apologetic attitude for even
BEING A MAN when you approach them.

So then I decide to do ONE more approach,
as it is getting near the two hour mark.

This one is in yet ANOTHER supermarket,
as that was my theme for the day it seems,
but don’t get me wrong, as I love bookstores,
transit, walking anywhere outside, it’s ALL
great stuff.  Today just HAPPENED to be
the supermarket theme.

And I see ANOTHER beautiful woman, with
dark hair and trademark central/east-European
beauty, in jean shorts and short sleeves,
balancing about 8 different items in her hands
instead of just getting a grocery cart. Probably
started with one item, and then that realization
that happens to all of us when we are in the
grocery store- that we need more stuff.

At this point now, I am so COMFORTABLE
doing this, that I know I can get away with saying
almost ANYTHING and my delivery and facial
expression including tonality of course will
that are important.

No matter WHAT I SAY, she will FEEL my
SUBTLE NUANCES, including sexual flirtation,
confidence, genuine interest and empathy,
and playfulness.

So I end up giving her a whirlwind of comments,
where she reacts to each one, and I INCREASE
the fun each time.

So first I start with an actual compliment, because
I know she won’t take it the wrong way, also because
I can tell from her looks that she is from either central
Europe or Eastern Europe, and again, I can tell that
she is probably NEW because of the subtleties of
how she is sizing up the various aisles and items
in the store.

I tell her that is cuter than the average person in these
aisles, and she enjoys it in that feminine way.

She speaks with that warmth, that feminine energy.
It’s crazy, it’s so awesome.

Women that don’t pretend that they want to be MEN.

Women that don’t spend every waking moment
saying “YOU GO GIRL” when women do things
that are crass, vulgar, or imitate masculinity
instead of celebrating their own femininity.

Then there is this moment of awkward silence.

But trust me, she is damn confident.
So I know this, and I tell her, “Can you talk?”
And she LAUGHS really hard at this.

I start telling her that I want a woman where she
and I don’t have to talk, that it’s too much work,
and that I prefer we just read minds.

She eats this stuff up, and then starts telling
me yes, she can talk, and she asks the same
about me, and I tell her that I don’t talk much.
She knows I’m joking, but isn’t 100% sure, which
is part of the fun.

Turns out she is a really cool person, not only
is she not stuck up, but she is a great DJ, and
also she is pretty seriously into Muay Thai!

And this is the thing- feminists like to say how women
from non-feminist countries are weak, but the truth
is they are confident as hell; they just aren’t brainwashed
to hate men. That’s all.

And there ARE still MANY awesome women
born here in the west; I’m just saying you have to
SCREEN even more carefully among them, and also 

if you are very SMART, and you have
studied my books and programs, you can get
the VAST MAJORITY of women even born in
the west attracted to you, and you can take
them PAST their feminist brainwashing if
you focus on ATTRACTION and not on
some kind of logical argument against
third-wave feminism.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention:
Rather than play games, I asked her if she was
single, and she was, and we exchanged numbers
and then I accidentally pulled her hair when I
tried to help her unload the groceries in her hands
onto a nearby shelf so that she could type in my
number into her cell.

And she showed a great playful attitude toward that
as well, telling me how she had come from a party
where all these kids were pulling her hair, and I
told her that with me she would get all that fun
and much more.

So there you go, that was a two-hour experience,
and it just so happened that the last one was the
one where it took off.

Now, imagine if you approached women
EVERY DAY with the MAXIMUM skill.

How long do you think it would take before
you met an AMAZING woman where the
attraction was MUTUAL and it was

Probably just a few DAYS.

I depends on how often you actually APPLIED
yourself, but it really could happen in just ONE
day, and certainly within a couple of WEEKS.

THIS is the power of combining SKILL with

And the BEST way for you to get these skills
is BOOTCAMP with me.

In BOOTCAMP, you will get what you NEED
in order to be able to attract women at WILL.

You will develop the MENTAL TOUGHNESS
so that approaching women is EASY.

You will develop the SKILLS to spark attraction,
to create humor on the fly, to build up the deep
connection, and to know how to enter ANY
situation with women anywhere you find them!

You will learn to have INFINITE things to say
that are either intriguing, witty, or playful, and
you will learn how to KNOW when it’s time to
take things to a more serious level, when it
is time to go for the number, and when you
can actually just keep on talking to her and
having a DATE with her RIGHT THEN AND
THERE where you FIRST approached her!

The power of being able to attract women
at will is so powerful, it SPILLS over into
the REST of your life as well, as you have
once you have this part of your life handled.

The reason is because since THIS part of your
life is the one that is HARDWIRED for your brain
to be most concerned with, suddenly you have this
ENERGY since this is NO LONGER something
DRAINING you.  It’s HANDLED, so now all that
POWER can go into kicking-ass at everything
else you do in life!

Get this part of your life HANDLED.

And remember, with me, you are learning how to
attract the HIGHEST QUALITY WOMEN, the kind
of women who would make for AMAZING girlfriends.

This isn’t about NIGHTCLUBS, ALCOHOL, OR

It’s about attracting the BEST kind of women on

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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