Friday, August 12, 2016

Great "Attract Women" Questions From YOU, And My ANSWERS!

Some EXCELLENT questions came in, and
I've decided to answer them right here.

Feel free to send in your questions
as well, and they may be answered here
or in one of my YouTube videos!


I have three questions that you can
use however you want, as I understand
the time to answer these questions is
precious, however they are at you own

1. What is the solution to the "innate"
serious guys to have the vibe of a
winner/ to be more playful, more teasing,
more sexual etc.

(Break free from it, or consider it
through self-acceptance?)
(Would Will Ferrel be a good example to follow?)

2. What is the fine line and the limit
between teasing/ a really good tease and
hurting the woman's self-esteem? (Calibration?)

3. What is the fine line and the limit
between confidence and arrogance?

I wanted to keep this very short, as I'm glad
I got to email you after a long time. :)

Thank you

Steve L., California


Those are great questions that show you
understand quite a bit to be able to even
ask these kinds of questions.

Let's go to your first question:

"1. What is the solution to the "innate"
serious guys to have the vibe of a
winner/ to be more playful, more teasing,
more sexual etc.

(Break free from it, or consider it
through self-acceptance?)
(Would Will Ferrel be a good example to follow?)"

I myself fall into the naturally "serious"
kind of guy personality, and what I do
and did to help get out of this, especially
for the sake of pick-up and attraction, is
to USE the ability to analyze and be serious
to actually FIND the humor and the absurd in

So, for example, when you think about it,
the very fact that society tends to look
at 'pick-up' as something TABOO, is
actually HILARIOUS when you think about it.

I look around, and see MILLIONS of people
going about their business, all serious,
all seriously shopping, buying things,
in a rush, when in REALITY the TRUTH is
that they would ALL STOP IN AN INSTANT
if they happened to meet a member of
the opposite sex that they were CRAZY

All the shopping, the all the obsession
with status, with looking cool to other
people, with gadgets, with ANYTHING
would pretty much STOP in a HEARTBEAT
if they were suddenly faced with

So, the TRUTH is, the REAL absurd thing
is that everyone ELSE doesn't GET IT.

Now don't get me wrong.
There ARE serious things.
Surgeons saving lives, and all that stuff.

But I'm talking about the general attitude
of people in society who think they are
above all this pick-up stuff, who judge,
the TRUTH is that THEY WOULD in an INSTANT
want to be a part of it if they just KNEW
HOW and if they got out of the brainwashing

So, now, when you are doing pick-up,
and you look around, and you are
about to get serious thinking about
things, just realize how funny and
thing is actually the thing that society
TRIES TO REPRESS and to instead replace
with things like shopping and showing off,
which really gives no satisfaction at all.

The absurdity of it is quite FUNNY.

So that concept of RE-FRAMING is powerful,
something that I discuss in the
Attraction Mastery Program, by the way,
which I will get into at the end of this

Also, you raised a GREAT example with
Will Ferrel. He wanted to get RID
of being too serious and self-conscious,
and did all sorts of things to desensitize
himself to being too serious. 

I'm certainly not telling you to do what
he did, but just as a point to show
his intensity, he actually used to
do things like run around his university
naked just to break free from the
overly serious mindset of being judged,

And then, after all is said and done,
you can tap into your serious side
once a woman KNOWS you more, and is
READY for it and will appreciate it.

It's also possible to even do an entire
pick-up being serious, but the key is to
not be IMPRISONED or CHAINED to the serious
stuff, which is what a lot of guys do, because
they hope by being really SERIOUS, they will
not be made FUN of, and yet the irony is that
a HUGE part of attraction is NOT caring so
much what people THINK, and instead just
having FUN.

There is so much irony in how NOT seeking
approval, but yet not being mean-spirited,
actually makes you do the things that make
women WANT you and make them GIVE approval
to you.

It all gets back to subconscious messages of

So, again, great question.

Next question:

"2. What is the fine line and the limit
between teasing/ a really good tease and
hurting the woman's self-esteem? (Calibration?)"

The answer is that if there is a good chance
that the woman might think you MEAN what
you are saying, then it's TOO MUCH.

She has to know either that it's probably
not true, or if it IS true, that it is
NOT some kind of negative thing for real.

So for example, teasing a really studious
woman that she is a dork, geek, nerd, etc.,
is really harmless, especially if she is

In many ways, geeks and nerds rule the earth.

So these are hardly "insults", but they do show
that you can be casual and playful with her,
and not have to follow formal social conventions.

Regarding hurting a woman's self-esteem,
in general not only does this backfire
or is not necessary, but in the rare times
that it does work, it usually reflects a
woman who is too low in her own self esteem
to fight back, and THAT means that FOR SURE
there would have been a more effective
alternative, because there is nothing
more powerful than making a woman feel
AMAZING in your presence.

So the contrast between low-self esteem
and HIGH self-esteem is even MORE powerful
than just making a regular woman feel
more amazing around you, so if anything
a low-self esteem woman will be even
MORE crazy about the man who DOES know
how to make her feel amazing around him,
but so few, so verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry
few men on EARTH, actually KNOW how to
make ANYONE genuinely feel good-
they think it's about kissing up,
but it isn't, at all.

A lot more on this in my Attraction Mastery Program.

So, if a woman might interpret the tease
in a way that she thinks something you
said or implied about her in a negative
way is TRUE, then it's too much.

Also, I need to say this here, SO, SO,
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH is implied about
YOUR OWN value from your TONALITY,
that if you do TONALITY right, the MERE FACT
that YOU are talking to HER, and interested
in HER, is in ITSELF validating to her
self-esteem, and SKYROCKETS her attraction
to you.

Next Question:

"3. What is the fine line and the limit
between confidence and arrogance?"

The answer is arrogance often stems
from a LACK of GENUINE confidence.

I remember some of the COOLEST PEOPLE
I have met over the years, from martial
artists to scientists to actors, and
time and time again, the ones who were
REALLLLY amazing were so incredibly
down-to-earth and chilled out,
that you wouln't even know how
INCREDIBLE these people were in
their chosen fields from the way
they acted.

So the best way to look at it is that
arrogance is a kind of OVERCOMPENSATION.

The more you KNOW you REALLY are THE MAN,
the less you need to PROVE it.

Kind of a bit like Steaven Seagal in
UNDER SIEGE, when he says he's
'just a cook' but he is SO RELAXED
when he says it.

So thanks for those EXCELLENT questions,
I have a feeling that many guys will
appreciate them as well.

And now, I need to say something:

I wrote this newsletter just after getting
off the phone with the agent of that actress
I mentioned a little while ago, that I met
while just taking two hours to do pick-up
totally randomly.

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intelligent with two degrees and who scored
in the top 10% of her class, but it also turns out
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female roles in one of my scripts, so I used the
same skills that I use in pick-up to get past all
the red tape that normally blocks people from this.

As you may know, my other passion in life is film
and making films.  And normally, to get in touch
with the people who have clout in this business,
you need to already have big-shot agents, lawyers,

Very similar to how NORMALLY the only way
most men can meet and attract gorgeous women
is they happen to be introduced to them through
someone ELSE.

But the skills of pick-up allow you to CUT PAST
all those barriers.  

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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