Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Secret To SUPREME Confidence With Women

I have a super-short but super-powerful
TIP for you for CONFIDENCE with women.

Instead of FORCING yourself to try so
hard to think YOU ARE CONFIDENT,
what you should do INSTEAD is to
actually focus on your DESIRE to
succeed with women SO MUCH, that
you are WILLING to embrace ANY
consequence of that DESIRE.

This is one of the things that transformed

I honestly don't give  &^%! about the
idea of REJECTION.  And in fact, when
I first started doing this stuff years
ago, I would PARTICULARLY look for the
CRAZIEST situations to approach women in,
as the more DRAMATIC it was, the more it
became EXCITING to me.

There are TWO benefits to this approach:

First of all, your WILLINGNESS to accept
anything, including your greatest FEARS,
actually FREES you FROM those fears.

Whether it's the fear that you think she
doesn't like you, the fear that you are
going to look stupid, the fear that you
are going to be shunned, IT DOESN'T MATTER,
the TRICK is to WANT IT SO BAD that you
you are so WILLING to do ANYTHING.

The SECOND benefit of all this is that
women can DETECT when you mean BUSINESS
and when you are just HALF-WAY, kind of
fence-sitting, kind of 'namby-pamby',
and when you are FULLY COMMITTED,

It subconsciously tells her you are man
who is a SURVIVOR, a man who can survive
in this crazy world, a man who is not
captive to his fears.

And that triggers her ATTRACTION TO YOU,
because on a deep subconscious level,
female attraction is based on what will
produce GOOD OFFSPRING, and that means
"SURVIVOR" type offspring.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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