Monday, September 4, 2017

Saving Humanity From The Disease Of Feminism

Feminism really IS a disease. Just like diseased cells attack and destroy healthy cells in a body, feminism destroys the healthy masculinity in men and the healthy femininity in women that is ESSENTIAL for the survival of the human race.  

We all know that evolution affects society-e.g. people are hardwired to get hungry, so we have things like restaurants, and we know men are hardwired to desire attractive women, women are hardwired to desire powerful men, and so we have as a result of that things like Victoria's Secret and things like business schools where men try to learn how to become super-successful-but SOCIETY also affects EVOLUTION as well. 

For example, if a group of people are oppressed in an effort to wipe them out, they will either be wiped out, or they may adapt, and evolve and become even stronger in an evolutionary sense by gaining some survival advantage.

Society is very much a LIVING THING, just like a living body.  And society, just like a living body, can have diseases. 

And FEMINISM is an example of SOCIETY affecting EVOLUTION.  

Feminism goes against nature, and just like WHITE BLOOD CELLS in the body, which are only 1% of all the blood cells, fight off diseased cells and fight off infections, bacteria, and other foreign invaders that are harming the body, so too the 1% of men and women who RESIST feminism and political correctness by EMBRACING their natural masculinity and femininity, will ultimately save our society. 

They will also be the ones who prevail in the gene pool while those following the feminist slant will wipe themselves out because feminism goes against nature and survival.

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