Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why You Don't Hear About Commitment Anymore

Have you ever wondered where all the
great women have gone? The ones with
traditional values, the ones that actually
care about MUTUAL commitment and other
great timeless values?

Well, they DO still exist, albeit it
in much SMALLER numbers than ever before
in our part of the world.

For one thing, some of the women (and men)
have been brainwashed by political correctness.

We are in the midst of an all out WAR
against traditional values-and it includes
things like movies, TV shows, and even

For example, there USED to be, when I was
a kid, TONS of great MARVEL comic books
with awesome stories of heroism and
adventure, and there was ALWAYS a strong
male-female love story going on as well,
for example, Daredevil (Matt Murdock) had
a tragic love story with Electra, written
by the legendary Frank Miller, and of
course there were tons of great stories
of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Mary Jane.

The Hulk (Bruce Banner) had Betty Ross (not Betty
Brant, that was a mistake I made in the
video-Betty Brant was one of Peter
Parker's love interests).


You will not find one SINGLE example of
a great heterosexual love interest from
ANY of the major MARVEL heroes today,
in the actual comic books. (The movies
are much better, in this regard.)

It's almost as if the new people in charge
of Marvel Comics are trying to DESTROY
interest in heterosexual love.

And there used to be TONS of great TV
shows where the men were GREAT EXAMPLES

of how to behave-where the men were
HEROIC, masculine, confident, and not
ashamed of their interest in women.

Whether it was Knight Rider, Magnum PI,
Fall Guy,
or the heroes from the A-Team,
you would NEVER see this stuff TODAY
because it was politically incorrect!

These shows should be REQUIRED viewing
for millennials who have grown up being
force-fed politically correct horsesh-t
that tries to STRIP away their masculinity
from them.

See if you can catch any politically-incorrect
"sins" in these two clips:


Did you notice also how the "Fall Guy" does NOT always
win with women? He even talks about how they walk away
with some OTHER guy who is the bigger star! He's still
COOL with reality-he just does his best being a MAN.

By the way, comics are selling WAY LESS
than they used to, because no one is
interested in these stories! But the
new people writing these stories
don't care--they have an AGENDA.

They themselves are miserable and are
trying to make everyone else miserable.

Now, in real life, there are many women
who may still actually HAVE the great
values, but they are so scared that THEY
will seem CRAZY if they show them that they
not interested in dedicated, committed,
faithful relationships.

So you have to REALLY get to know a
woman to find out the truth about her.

And what COMPOUNDS this problem is that
so often it is PSYCHOPATHS who get into
positions of LEADERSHIP in any field-
including DATING ADVICE---because they are
DRIVEN by power and nothing else.

They don't feel love for anything other
than themselves. They don't feel love for
country, for their fellow human being,
not even for their girlfriend, wife,
or boyfriend or husband.

And when THESE people get into positions
of influence and power in the DATING ADVICE
world, and the world of "how to be successful
with women" they tend to have NO CLUE about
the real love stuff, and they don't CARE about
that stuff either.

They care about being POPULAR --and that
means just doing what gets them popular,
and NOT what actually helps men long-term.

So for example, showing videos of getting physical
quickly with women is something that gets a lot
of attention from men who are ignorant about how
EASY it is to get physical with women.

And they will say virtually NOTHING about how
important it is to find a woman of substance,
who is faithful, who sees the big picture, who
will build something amazing together with her man.

They say nothing about that stuff because that
stuff is much HARDER than just finding some
tipsy or drunk or promiscuous women and making
out with them.

And they say nothing about that stuff because

They don't need love from anyone, they don't
CARE about love, they really FEEL NOTHING
even if they GOT it from an amazing woman-

Same thing regarding love for country-

The only thing that matters is THEMSELVES.

So they aren't going to get too passionate
talking about real love, long-term faithfulness,
or even things like STABILITY.

And believe me, if you want success in life,
you need stability in your relationships,
because your CHALLENGES in meeting your other
goals in life are going to throw you TONS
OF INSTABILITY, so you need to have SOME
kind of stability in your life--and that
tends to come from an amazing, strong,
stable relationship.

So no matter HOW crazy the advice you get
is, it doesn't change the TRUTH about what
you need for LONG TERM SUCCESS with women
and in your life in general.

For an AMAZING foundation on getting a
FANTASTIC woman, go here right now:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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