Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Greatest Destroyer Of Success-Make Sure This Doesn't Happen To You

The greatest destroyer of success is our fear of being socially outcast-being at the bottom of the "totem pole" of social status. Most people would PREFER being MEDIOCRE, with the guarantee of at least NOT being at the BOTTOM of the totem pole of social status, than possibly become AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL if it means a RISK of being at the BOTTOM. 

This affects us MASSIVELY on a subconscious level, on everything from being afraid of looking like a "loser" in front of other people if we approach women we want to pick up, to looking like a "loser" to others if we try to achieve ANY big goal and then possibly FAIL.

This FEAR is what KEEPS most people MEDIOCRE, and getting OVER this fear is what creates infinite success and puts you in a zone with zero competition-and of course, puts you in the league of people who CHANGE THE WORLD.

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Just the first page ALONE is worth TEN TIMES the cost of the entire book. I mean that. 

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Till next time,

Michael Marks


  1. Don't you think that not only fear of being socially outcast but a natural lack of self confidence or the habit of self doubting also becomes a hurdle in the path of achievement?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Lulu. So, to answer your question, self-confidence can be achieved through competence at whatever it is that one is trying to be good at, which comes from practice---but if someone is worried about appearing as a "failure", they will never go about the practice required.

      Think about it-kids are naturally learning all the time before they go to school, when they do things like play with blocks or other toys or even infants learning to walk--they aren't thinking about how they appear to others-so they don't mind not being great at something to begin with. Natural curiosity is more important than being so confident, because the confidence would come with practice at that thing.

      But fear of how we appear in society, the fear of loss of status, or being perceived as low status, a "failure" etc., is what keeps people from even trying in the first place.

      The same thing with self-doubt. The doubts mostly come from not wanting to be perceived as a failure, so we doubt if we can do it, because of the fear of loss of status.

      Also, our OWN perception of ourselves is another huge issue, our OWN perception of our own status--this is a huge fear too! So we often don't even attempt things because we are afraid of how we OURSELVES might perceive ourselves i.e. we don't want to lose our self-concept, so due to this fear many times people will not even attempt things, just because they attach their own self-worth to their outcome--even though in reality even the most successful people of all time have failed again and again and again--and THAT is how they ultimately succeeeded--they weren't afraid to fail. They knew that practice and effort (and "failing" were a huge part of ultimately making themselves successful.

      I hope this helps to clear things up!


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