Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Way To Win: In LIFE And With WOMEN

Normally, in these newsletters I just stick to focusing especially on how to approach women, how to attract women, and how to make the relationship thrive. However, today, I want to focus on your success in that thing that takes up most of the REST of your life, which for most people is how they earn money.  

There are several reasons this is so important: 

First of all, if you're going to spend your LIFE on something, it is insane to not find something that you ENJOY doing if that is possible, and it's insane to not also be financially successful at it if that is possible. After all, it is your precious life, your precious time! 

Doing what you enjoy, and getting paid WELL for it, allows you to also be in a better state when you are not working, which of course helps in you in every way, including with women.

Second, money is something we all need in order to live.

Third, which gets back to women, is that although money itself is not a SEXUAL thing for women, the fact is money is a form of POWER, and women ABSOLUTELY are attracted to men who resonate POWER.  As far as attracting women goes, the MORE power you have, the BETTER.

And, like no time in HISTORY in the western world, women are INCREASING in power in every way-not only financially, but also politically, socially, culturally, and emotionally. 

MEANWHILE, men are actually LOSING power in almost EVERY SINGLE WAY. Manufacturing jobs being lost by the MILLIONS.  Jobs requiring superior strength, although still in demand, are partially being replaced by machines and other technology. So there is that FINANCIAL loss.

And SOCIALLY, men are being CASTIGATED. 
It's perfectly NORMAL today to portray men as EVIL or UNWORTHY or stupid.

Just last night, I witnessed another anti-man commercial, where the woman dumped water on this man for giving the 'wrong answer' to something-and I KNOW for SURE that had the roles been reversed, where a man DUMPED A GALLON of water on a woman's face for something innocent she said, it would be called PHYSICAL ABUSE, ASSAULT, ETC.

I'm SURE you've seen TONS of commercials where the husband is viewed in some INFERIOR perspective by his wife, or where the guy is belittled by the woman, girlfriend, etc.  All this is PAR FOR THE COURSE today.

And EMOTIONALLY and psychologically, men are the ones in the worst position-they make up 75% of ALL suicides.  Also, it is mostly MEN who are the ones who are homeless, NOT women.

And yet, even though MEN are the ones who women DEMAND convey POWER, it is MEN who are the ones who are LOSING power in every way!

Meanwhile, women are INCREASING in power!  LESS men are attending university than women, just by the way for one more interesting point about the times we live in.

And make no mistake about it-when a woman is looking for more than just a "fling", she is ABSOLUTELY looking for a man who resonates POWER.  Women almost NEVER marry a guy who makes LESS than them, unless that man resonates POWER in some other way.

This is all VERY DIFFERENT than what most pick-up artists focus on.  They KNOW that they don't have the solutions for long-term success with women. So they just focus on getting sex with promiscuous women-which, ironically, takes ZERO skill, because these women WANT to just get physical- they do NOT want relationships, and GOD FORBID you should ever say the words FAMILY AND CHILDREN to them, as this is like telling them they are going to be sent to eternal damnation. 

There will always be those kinds of women, and there are more promiscuous women today than EVER, so yeah-for THOSE kinds of women, who can give you ZERO commitment, ZERO family values, ZERO traditional values, ZERO "girlfriend" material, and ZERO 'wife' material--YEAH, those women you don't need to have ANY success in your life to get.

All those women want is just to party it up, get drunk, take drugs, get high, and sleep around. And make money for themselves.

But the SECOND she knows you are a man of POWER, and money IS a form of power, the ENTIRE DYNAMIC changes, even for women who are already "good women" in the sense of caring about traditional values, and wanting to be good faithful girlfriends, good wives and good mothers. All of a sudden, they are hanging on your every word.  

And it's really important to understand something here: A lot of men call ALL women gold-diggers because of this.

But women are HARD-WIRED to chase after men who have RESOURCES. And today, resources are obtained with MONEY.

It's no more superficial of them than it is superficial for men to be attracted to models.

It just is what it is.  It is how the human species has survived.

The problem is that FEMINISTS keep telling men that it DOESN'T matter. That men and women are equal. That women don't care about a man being more dominant, higher status, more powerful, or higher earning.

So we have this CRAZY dynamic going on today-men LOSING power, women gaining power, and yet it is not WOMEN who need to have power in order for men to be attracted to them--it is MEN who need to have power in order for women to be seriously interested in them for the LONG term.

And THAT is why I am coming here today with this message on becoming SUPER SUCCESSFUL in your life so that you not only get all the OTHER benefits, including the joy of doing what you love and being financially successful from it, but ALSO the MASSIVE POWER that this gives you when it comes to attracting women for the LONG TERM.


You see, the HUMAN BRAIN is remarkable, and will ADAPT to challenges and OVERCOME them, if you know how to STEER your mind.

For example, MANY of the most SUCCESSFUL men of ALL TIME were and are dyslexic. Here are just a few:  

  • Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko’s
  • Charles R. Schwab, founder of Charles Schwab Corp.
  • Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • John T. Chambers, CEO of Cisco
  •  Craig McCaw, founder of McCaw Cellular and Clearwire
  •  Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop

  • Did you know that even though dyslexics are only 10% of the population, they make up 35% of entrepreneurs? That is MIND-BLOWING.

    Did you know Tom Cruise is dyslexic? Did you know that Billy Bob Thornton, (the guy who was married to Angelina Jolie, wrote and starred in Sling Blade, and starred in the Fargo TV series) has obsessive-compulsive disorder?

    This all stems from the fact that when we are pushed to our limits, we get STRONGER. Just like MUSCLES only get stronger from working them HARD, so too our BRAINS' abilities to think, to create, to solve problems, get BETTER when they are PUSHED HARDER.

    So you don't WANT to have it EASY, and the EARLIER you realize this, the better.

    You've got challenges to reaching your goals?

    Each challenge you work on will make you that much BETTER at overcoming the NEXT challenge, which in itself will allow you to conquer even LARGER challenges and so on until you truly accomplish things that seem like they were IMPOSSIBLE to everyone else. 

    Which brings me to the book I've written for you on ensuring YOUR success in life, whether they are financial goals, artistic goals, or career goals. It's called Way To Win.

    Now you might be asking, what are my CREDENTIALS for writing a book like this?

    Here are a few highlights about what I've done, and it's important to note that EVERYTHING I have achieved was not given to me.  NOTHING came from a silver spoon.

    • First of all, I was the FIRST dating coach in the country to get WIDESPREAD media attention in every medium-national televised coverage, radio shows, newspaper features, and I also co-hosted a dating television show called Dating 201, which was especially focused on helping men and women who were in their 30s and up.

    • I've also been a featured guest speaker at the most popular dating seminars in the world, including "ManTransformation" in Los Angeles.

    • I'm also the man who REVOLUTIONIZED the field and took it away from juvenile pick-up lines and a myopic focus on promiscuous women and into the NEXT LEVEL, where men attract women through projecting an authentic, powerful PERSONALITY and get into great relationships as well.
    Beyond all that, I'm also a screenwriter. For every movie made, SEVERAL screenplays are purchased. Most screenplays are not turned into films. Screenplays are like BLUEPRINTS, except they are for FILMS, instead of for buildings or machines. The screenplay serves as the basis for EVERYTHING we end up seeing in the actual film. The characters, the plot, the setting, the dialogue, EVERYTHING.

    I've had my work optioned (that means a film production company pays you to make sure you DON'T sell it to anyone else for a certain amount of time, so that THEY can have the option to make your film during that time). This particular screenplay that was optioned was about a mythical creature that I can only compare to Frankenstein.

    I've also worked one-on-one mentoring other writers, including a writer of a VERY popular soap opera! And I've served as a film-writing instructor at several of the largest film schools in the country.

    And I NEVER even went to film school or took a single formal writing class.

    I had ZERO connections.
    I had to GET these connections without knowing ANYONE.

    And at this very moment, I have personal access to one of the greatest directors of our time, responsible for some of the most iconic science fiction films of all time, as well as access to an A list actor who has starred in one of the greatest television action-suspense-thriller series of all time. All because my work has captured their interest.

    This means I get my work to the people who MATTER.  The funny thing is that right now, I plan to direct my next project anyway, but that's besides the point.

    NOBODY personally showed me how to do ANY of this.

    But many of the things that DID propel me to success CAN be taught, and CAN be instilled in others. 

    THESE are the things you will learn about in my book, called Way To Win.

    This book is truly CONCENTRATED.
    It contains ONLY the "pure gold", and nothing else.

    The book is BRIEF.
    It is easy to understand.

    And it's been written as an E-BOOK, which means you can download it and be using it in minutes from now!


    Get the success of your dreams that will ALSO skyrocket your success with women by downloading Way to Win IMMEDIATELY at: 

    Click HERE To Download Way To Win Right Now!

    Till next time,

    Michael Marks

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