Saturday, August 26, 2017

Attracting Women & Surviving As A Man In A Feminist, Politically Correct World

Women are attracted to men who radiate
power, and yet as a result of feminism
and political-correctness, men today not
only behave in ways that show weakness
and a total LACK of power, but also
women are indoctrinated to view men,
boyfriends, husbands, and FATHERS as

This video shows how you as a man
can do two things: First, how to
IMMEDIATELY radiate more power to
attract women, whether that is in
person or even through texts.

Secondly, it shows you how to deal
with the political correctness and
third-wave feminism that is undermining
men and traditional values through
destroying the respect that used to
be given to men, husbands, boyfriends,
fathers, and the family unit. 

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