Monday, August 21, 2017

Not Smiling And Exuding Power To Attract Women

If you're reading this right now, you probably want to know what you can do IMMEDIATELY to attract women, so I am going to tell you something that is SUPER-EASY for you to put into action this SECOND.

DON'T SMILE around women.

I'm not saying NEVER, EVER, EVER, but you need to CUT DOWN on the smiling by about 95%, ESPECIALLY when you are FIRST APPROACHING a woman.

This goes IN DIRECT CONTRAST to what all the pundits tell you about how to attract women. They tell you that smiling is SOCIAL, that smiling shows you have GOOD INTENTIONS, that smiling DISARMS them, that smiling shows you are WARM, etc.

But I ask you a question-do ANY of those things imply that you are POWERFUL?

And the answer is: NO THEY DON'T.
In fact, they might very well imply that you feel a LACK of power, which is the REASON you are over-compensating for that lack with an over-supply of APPEASEMENT-style behaviors.

Now, here's the thing. I don't LIKE the idea of having to tell guys to go around with a FROWNS on their faces. I'm  not telling you to do that. I'm not telling you to be a GROUCH.

What I AM saying is that the SMILING goes DIRECTLY to a DEEP ISSUE that is the CAUSE of the problem. If you STOP the smiling, you will improve your results, and you will start to realize how HARD it is NOT to smile, because you have been so CONDITIONED to FEAR being yourself as a sexual man with women that smiling is a defence-mechanism you have learned to resort to all these years. This will WAKE YOU UP to what's really going on and begin your journey down the RIGHT path.

If you TRULY feel that you are OVERFLOWING with power-power to get ANYTHING you want, the things that would make you smile would be DIFFERENT.  You might smile at a really good joke, for example. 

Women are attracted to men who OOZE power. This is why EVERYTHING you can do to INCREASE her feelings of your power will HELP you.

Your tone of voice should not rise in pitch, because that usually is also a form of approval seeking. Imagine if I, for example, ended that sentence with a question mark (e.g. "Your tone of voice should not rise in pitch, because that usually is also a form of approval seeking?") It would imply a rise in pitch, a lack of conviction, a need for confirmation and approval rather than certainty and self-confidence.

Women have a particular craving to feel PROTECTED, and this is the reason WHY they want their men to emanate POWER.

Now here's something else to think about, on a related note: In countries where feminism has not spread, such as in Eastern Europe, not only are the women unaware of how gorgeous they are because there are so many of them and men aren't in scarcity mode so the men don't spoil them, but the MEN are ALSO unaware of how MASCULINE and therefore attractive to women they are--because being MASCULINE is NORMAL there!

Men from non-feminist cultures behave like MEN. They don't talk much about their feelings, and they instead focus on just doing what needs to be done. Very few things freak them out. They are used to more hardship. And certainly approaching WOMEN is NORMAL to them-this is just NORMAL LIFE. No one indoctrinated them to think this is EVIL.

It's only in WESTERN CULTURE where feminism has ATTACKED THE VERY IDEA OF MASCULINITY AS SOMETHING EVIL and where masculine traits are considered EVIL and are thus PUNISHED and ERODED in men from the time they are INFANTS all the way through to DEATH--it is only in WESTERN CULTURE that being MASCULINE STANDS OUT.

So what happens here is that men behave in far more EFFEMINATE ways, and the simple truth is that women are NOT attracted to such men-NOT EVEN the FEMINIST women! IT'S BIOLOGY.

So, for NOW, the FIRST thing you can do is STOP SMILING around women.  I'm telling you that this smiling comes from a subtle FEAR and the "TRYING TOO HARD TO PLEASE" vibes within you.

You will notice that women LIKE this, in a SEXUAL way, instead of liking you in a NON-SEXUAL way that you might get from acting like a PUPPY DOG SEEKING APPROVAL FROM HIS MASTER type of behavior.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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