Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Revolting Against Third-Wave Feminism And The Lies Of Political Correctness

There are two crucial points I need to bring to your attention today on the battle against feminism and political correctness: The announcement by Donald Trump for his female staffers "to dress like women", and also a new revelation about false accusations of men sexually assaulting women.

These are URGENT issues when it comes to preserving traditional values and supporting traditional women who respect good men.

The first is Donald Trump's recent announcement to female staffers to dress like women. So of course, he has been ATTACKED by millions of politically correct zombies. They distort the truth, and they say that this is some kind of chauvinism, some kind of sexism. And many politically correct celebrities, including singers and actors, are making it seem like he is a fool or moron. 

Well, the REALITY is that, whether anyone loves or hates Donald Trump, the fact of the matter is that PRESERVING the DISTINCTION between men and women is one of the most FUNDAMENTAL pillars of any CIVILIZATION. It has nothing to do with being chauvinist, and everything to do with CELEBRATING and CHERISHING and NURTURING both male and female IDENTITY.

Without the MASCULINE, there can be no FEMININE. Without the FEMININE, there can be no MASCULINE.

And yet, for the first time in all of human history, today there is a politically correct movement to pretend that GENDER doesn't exist. As if it's just something we MAKE UP in our MINDS. Even though the BIOLOGY proves that men and women ARE in fact different, not just in terms of reproductive organs, but even in terms of their BRAINS.

This doesn't make one gender superior over another, it makes them DIFFERENT and it makes them both ESSENTIAL for each OTHER. This should be OBVIOUS, but in politically correct times, this is impossible for many people to understand.

Women actually RESPOND to MASCULINE behavior; they are attracted to it. Just like men tend to prefer women who are FEMININE.

This is the TRUTH.

And on top of that, every culture on EARTH strengthens male and female identities and the  distinction between male and female, by having all sorts of different styles of dressing and behavior for each gender, but our politically correct culture is trying to DESTROY that special magical force that makes men and women ATTRACTED to each other. 

So instead of CRITIZING Trump for this action, they should be THANKING him for bringing back a sense of the special magic between men and women that used to exist in our mainstream society back in the 1950s, before the NEW culture came in- a culture built on taking drugs, hating one's own culture and government, destroying patriotism, and embracing promiscuity and the destruction of the family unit. 

So that's the FIRST point I want to bring up. Don't JOIN the moronic fools who think women actually LIKE it when there is no distinction between men and women.  NO SOCIETY on earth is so bent on self-destruction like ours is at the moment.  And another irony is that so many politically correct people are EMBRACING of multiculturalism, but they won't embrace THIS aspect of every other culture, this aspect of preserving male and female identity.

Without men and women NURTURING the natural bond between them that is the very product of their DIFFERENCES, society WEAKENS that bond, and of course we see the destruction of that bond in our own culture, where feminists blame men for EVERYTHING and even make up LIES against men, which brings me to my next point:


There was recently ANOTHER mind-blowing revelation for anyone who cares about TRUTH in this arena.

It was discovered that police dismiss one in five cases of female sexual assault claims as BASELESS.

Here is the article:  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/investigations/unfounded-sexual-assault-canada-main/article33891309/

Now, of course, the feminists will attack this and interpret it as it all being a conspiracy, but no matter HOW you try to interpret this, one in FIVE is HUGE! That means out of 20,000 cases, FOUR THOUSAND of those cases are considered BASELESS, so no matter WHAT, there is CLEARLY a massive number of BASELESS CLAIMS.

But how often do you HEAR about this kind news, news that is totally BASED ON RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE, not some kind of flimsy report?

All you get BOMBARDED with, from BIRTH, are reports on how EVIL men are, and how women are just BEGGING to meet a good man who will treat them well!!!!!!

And you get BOMBARDED with reports of how women and men are EXACTLY THE SAME, and how gender doesn't even EXIST anymore! 

Pretty soon, men will be told they need to dress themselves in SKIRTS and stockings, otherwise they are somehow INSULTING women!

And although that might sound extreme, the truth is that the "unimaginable" can become a reality pretty damn QUICKLY when no one is paying attention.  Little by little, every day, the forces of INSANITY start to take over until what once seemed like LUNACY suddenly becomes "popular", just like so many insane POLITICALLY CORRECT beliefs are now popular.

Knowing this fact, it is important to COUNTER the extreme social pressure exerted by forces of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS with all the voices of those that DO know the TRUTH and that DO KNOW how insane our society is becoming. 

Remember that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS always MASKS ITSELF as something NOBLE but in reality is EVIL, and it requires a whole lot of IGNORANCE OF THE FACTS in order for it it work.  Which means it requires a lot of people who prefer to just get emotional and totally AVOID TRUTH and RUN AWAY from FACTS.

There really IS a social pressure on many women today from feminist and politically correct forces to behave in a PROMISCUOUS way, as if THIS is what it means to achieve equal rights to men. 

Things have changed MASSIVELY since even just the 1970's, and you can see it in this comparison between Mary Tyler Moore and Lena Dunham:

And the TRUTH is that this actually is making women MISERABLE. 

Women don't even really WANT this. 

So don't FALL FOR THE CORRUPTING FORCES of political correctness, because not only do YOU not want women who are promiscuous and who dress like sluts, but in their hearts, women don't want to be this way either!

And in a culture where SO MANY MEN ARE BRAINWASHED to be "social justice warriors" and "white knights" that kiss up to third-wave feminist doctrine, you will stand out ALL THE MORE and be ALL THE MORE ATTRACTIVE when you behave like a REAL MAN, who ALSO has great solid traditional values.


Women DO actually LOVE it when men ARE masculine.  So don't FALL for the BULLSHIT brainwashing, the bullshit celebrities who ENDORSE the politically correct TOXIC beliefs. Instead, BE A MAN and CELEBRATE that fact!  Women WANT that from you, but they will NEVER TELL THIS TO YOU in our politically correct times.

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Michael Marks

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