Sunday, February 12, 2017

Solid vs. Bullshit PUA Tactics - And An INSANE Valentine's Day Offer!

I have TWO massive gifts for you today: One is a VERY important new video on SOLID vs. BULLSHIT "PUA" tactics, and the other is an AMAZING offer for you for this Valentine's Day.  

I have spent over 14 YEARS in this field, PROVING it in person by having guys witness the results happen with women in front of their very own eyes. And not drunk women, either, but women who really have their act together and have their values on right too.

Some PUA advice on attracting women is EFFECTIVE, and I myself have contributed greatly to this field in terms of strategies that actually WORK to skyrocket your ability to attract women through gaining limitless confidence, through building powerful connections with women, and through honing razor-sharp skills of confident humor, and through learning about the TRUTH regarding women's psychology. 

On the other hand, there is also a lot of PUA advice going around the internet that actually RUINS your ability to attract women and REPULSES WOMEN AWAY FROM YOU.

These "puas" try to pretend that these strategies are "clever", but they actually just force you to worry and obsess about irrelevant details, and this ends up LOWERING your confidence and your ability to be present and spontaneous aka "in the moment"-because you are too busy focusing on those arbitrary minutiae. 

AND not only does it destroy your CONFIDENCE and ruin your ability to be "in the moment",  it also prevents you from LISTENING properly to what she is saying, because you are too focused on the trivial "clever" tactics (e.g. "de-escalate while escalating in order to escalate!") so you end up conveying LESS power, less confidence, and you create LESS attraction.

And, of course, you end up NOT making a great connection because you weren't even truly present and you weren't listening well! The listening well is so important, because the more you understand her, the more fuel you have for connecting to her. 

In the video above, I shared with you some POWERFUL insights into the RIGHT way to go about the approach, and how to focus on creating the TRUE engine of ATTRACTION, which is the conveying of POWER. I also give you insight into the RIGHT way to use your VOICE to create not only attraction, but also to create the BOND and to convey WARMTH. 

There is an INFINITE AMOUNT of subtle communication that your TONALITY carries, and it, along with the other things I teach you, are the REAL KEYS to attracting women, and as amazing as what I shared with you in the video is, it is just the TIP of the iceberg of what is available in my PROGRAMS for success with women. 

And now, for this VALENTINE'S DAY, I am making you a SPECIAL OFFER on ALL my digital, instantly-downloadable programs for success with women! These programs give you the IN-DEPTH MASTERY for every aspect of attracting women, and normally the cost of getting all these programs is over $500, but if you take advantage of my special Valentine's Day offer, you can get them ALL for $399, saving you over a HUNDRED dollars off the regular cost!

The thing is, this offer EXPIRES at the end of Valentine's Day, which means the offer will be GONE on February 14, 2017, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. 

Get this INCREDIBLE VALUE for attracting the women of your dreams by following the link below RIGHT NOW:


All these programs are available to you INSTANTLY upon completing your order, which means you can be using them in MINUTES from now!

All the best,

Michael Marks

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