Sunday, February 5, 2017

More Proof That Men's Looks Don't Mean That Much To Women

Just a quick posting today of something interesting that popped up on the internet.  It's this guy who is a natural bodybuilder type (in other words, without the steroid look), who goes around taking off his shirt in front of women.

If you watch the video, you will see that women's reactions to a man's body, even if perfectly developed, are nothing REMOTELY as strong as the kind of visceral reaction that MEN have to women, even if the women are pretty much CLOTHED but you can still see they are attractive! For example, at 35 seconds into the video, you can see that to the women, he is of more use as a PROP than anything else!

Notice that to the women, the reactions are basically giggles, some smiles, and sometimes being impressed, but it is not this VISCERAL, COMPELLING REACTION to want to BE with that guy NOW. 


It's just some INTEREST.

And here's what you DON'T see in the video: Without actually conveying an attractive, powerful, confident PERSONALITY, and without really CONNECTING to the women, these phone numbers will translate into NOTHING, because that initial NOVELTY of the guy's looks become BORING and the whole interest goes *POOF* and vanishes forever.

Third-wave feminism, in its toxic mission, tries to pretend that women and men are the same, but here is more proof that they AREN'T. 

And are you ready for the BIGGEST REVELATION of all? The MORE GORGEOUS the woman is, the LESS she tends to care about the GUY being the "good looking" one.  

In her world, SHE is the one who has that "role", and if the guy is the one in that role, it really makes things weird, which is why the men who happen to look like this, if they are wise, do NOT play it up with women---it is far more MASCULINE to just let the woman observe this in a more PASSIVE way than trying to seek out attention on this as a man. 

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Michael Marks

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