Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Confidence And Overcoming Fear With Women Is About NEGATIVE Thinking, NOT Positive Thinking!

When it comes to attracting women, the truth is you were already BORN with the most sophisticated, advanced, powerful methods INSTINCTIVELY. This is because, in the same way we have OTHER instincts that are primal, so too THIS instinct is primal, because it is so important to human SURVIVAL. 

Without this instinct, the human race would be GONE.  

The problem is that in our modern era, so many men have had all their useful "attract women" instincts REPRESSED by political correctness and third-wave feminism. 

And so, one of the major aspects of my approach to helping men is helping men UNLEASH their NATURAL INSTINCTS with women that have been honed to MASSIVELY ADVANCED LEVELS over the many generations since DAY ONE of men attracting women! 

This doesn't mean that there aren't ALSO MIND-BLOWING insights into female psychology and attraction techniques that I teach as well, it just means that a LOT of these things would actually be happening NATURALLY if you TRULY got rid of the FEAR.

This is so important to understand, because of the way the brain is HARDWIRED.
Simply put, when faced with stress, it will either want to FIGHT, FLEE, or FREEZE.

And ANY of those three reactions SHUTS DOWN your natural instincts for attracting women. You can't THINK when you are feeling the stress from the fear. You end up becoming either ANGRY, or wanting to GET AWAY, or you just FREEZE up. 

This might be good when faced with some kind of PHYSICAL threat like a BEAR attacking you, but it's DESTRUCTIVE when trying to attract women.

And guess WHAT? 

The REAL way to overcome this repression, and to overcome this FEAR that holds you back with women, is NOT to try to PUMP yourself up with "positive talk"!  You've probably already TRIED that and it never worked!

The REAL SOLUTION is to actually FOCUS ON THE WORST OF THE FEAR, and to actually EMBRACE it!!!

Check out this  video where I explain this:
As cool as this video is, it is just the TIP of the ICEBERG of the FULL picture of how this all works, and just a GLIMPSE into everything else I teach to help you SKYROCKET your success with women.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks    

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