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The War On Men, Political Correctness, And The Disintegration Of The Moral Fiber Of The Western World

Throughout the years, I’ve written only what I feel is important. This is why I don’t always write the same amount of emails or newsletters or articles every week. It really boils down to whether I have something worthy to say or not.

And today is the most important newsletter and video combination I have ever put together, so if you care about attracting and keeping a great woman, this one is going to be for the ages.

You need to understand THREE things:

ONE: Most women who have grown up in countries where feminism and political correctness have run rampant have been CORRUPTED.  They are simply INCOMPATIBLE for any man that has TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES or that seeks a woman who will respect him LONG-TERM.

TWO: The SOLUTION is not for you to GIVE IN to these forces of political correctness, as women are  actually REPULSED by politically correct men.  You should actually be MORE politically incorrect than you can IMAGINE. 

THREE: If a woman tests you too much on this stuff, then you simply need to get a woman from OUTSIDE of these countries (or who are brand new to your country) where political correctness brainwashes most women (and brainwashes most men as well-the men have been brainwashed in politically correct societies to give in to this stuff).  

These other countries basically mean any country that is not the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and some western European countries-definitely stay away from Sweden as well. Now, there ARE going to be some exceptions to every rule, and if you want to go for the exceptions, you are going to have to spend more time screening through tons and tons of women to find the right one. And of course, even if you go abroad, you still need to screen women for personality. But in general, women from feminist, politically-correct countries are CORRUPTED. 


Before I go any further, I want to first explain ONE idea-which is the reason WHY so MANY women are SO difficult to get along with long-term, and why SO MANY WOMEN mistreat men.

Many years ago, when I first started out, I actually SAID that men were BRAINWASHED to kiss up to women, even though kissing up does NOT attract women and in fact repels women.

That part is still true, but TODAY I want to explain that this BRAINWASHING of men to kiss up to women is not an ACCIDENT.

It is not the result of men "misunderstanding" something that women were saying.

The brainwashing of men has been very DELIBERATE.
And it is an attempt to DESTROY western civilization.

Now hear me out, because there’s EVIDENCE for this.

Let’s just think about it for a second here:

The male-female dynamic is really the CORNERSTONE of any society.  Men are driven and motivated to try to please women, and women are motivated to try to please men.

And without men and women HARNESSING the power of that attraction and motivation properly, you end up with very DISASTROUS consequences. For example, if the men and women have no children, the society eventually ceases to exist.

For another example, if the NUCLEAR FAMILY is destroyed, you end up with far more children growing up MALADJUSTED, who then grow into MALADJUSTED ADULTS, and you end up with an entire society of MALADJUSTED PEOPLE.

This has been PROVEN. It is MUCH HARDER to produce well-adjusted, successful, happy children and adults from broken families than it is from ones where the mother and father stay together-and of course while it is true that staying together if they hate each other is no good, this doesn't mean that the best thing is for everyone to break up, which is what our society encourages today.

The best thing for society and for children growing up into well-adjusted and successful adults, is if they come from a loving home where mother and father are together.

So, my point is, SCREWING with the male-female dynamic is VERY dangerous to society. This is about so much more than just having a date to go out with on Saturday night-it is about SAVING OUR ENTIRE CIVILIZATION.

Now, let me go further:

Do you notice how many women DON’T CARE about having kids these days?

It’s a LOT. Just go online and see how many women of child-bearing age have made it CLEAR that they ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT TO HAVE CHILDREN.  The number is s HUUUUUGE.

And guess what else?

The number of women who are PROMISCUOUS has SKYROCKETED.
So too has the number of women who are UNFAITHFUL.

Do you think any good man WANTS to commit to such women? To have a FAMILY with such women?

Of course not. No man does.

And guess what?

FEMINISM has preached to women that being PROMISCUOUS is some kind of ACCOMPLISHMENT in the battle for EQUALITY. And FEMINISTS preach to women that having a FAMILY is a BAD, INSULTING thing, and that the best thing is to just focus on CAREER.

In general, ALL TRADITIONAL VALUES that used to be the BEDROCK of our CIVILIZATION are being DESTROYED by FEMINISTS and the rest of the POLITICALLY CORRECT crowd:

Do you want to know WHY feminists teach this crap?

It’s because MOST FEMINISTS are usually women that men find undesirable-for whatever reason it may be. So rather than just do something to change that, or accept that, they just take the route of DELUSION and say that actually ALL MEN ARE EVIL, and because misery loves company, they don’t want any OTHER WOMEN to have success with men!

So they PREACH the kind of stuff to women that will PUSH AWAY ANY MAN WHO IS DECENT!

These women DESPISE other women who are happy with men, and will do ANYTHING to DESTROY their happiness, so that ALL WOMEN can join them in their misery, and this makes them feel much better, because now they have company. Feminists banded together and got organized and DELIBERATELY fooled women and men by doing things like creating FALSE statistics about things like RAPE and ABUSE, to distort the TRUTH and make it seem as if MOST men are EVIL.

FEMINISM has preached to women that getting drunk and having promiscuous lives, and even being unfaithful, are all pretty much fine, because supposedly “that’s how all men are”- so it’s women’s way of “evening the score”.

And yet, the FACTS about men reveal something very DIFFERENT than feminists preach:

The vast, vast, vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast majority of men do NOT abuse women. They don’t rape women. They ADORE women.

And case after case after case of FALSE ACCUSATIONS against men are finally being PROVEN as false in court. Including the ROLLING STONE magazine article that was published and that stated as FACT that a group of men GANG-RAPED a woman on campus-only to LATER be proven as FALSE.

Not only was the story FALSE, but the so called "journalist" from Rolling Stone never even  INTERVIEWED the men ACCUSED, but STILL went on and ACCEPTED the woman's story as PURE FACT!

So why would FEMINISTS preach so many things that are NOT true about men?


And why is it that all the things they preach just HAPPEN to also UNDERMINE the stability of our society?

I am here to suggest that it’s NOT an accident.


And feminism is actually just part of a LARGER evil known as POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Political correctness includes all those things that SOUND NICE ON THE SURFACE. Things like “multiculturalism, a society where ALL cultures are embraced and considered equal”.

Things like “feminism, a world where women are given equal rights”. Things like “a welfare state, where all people are equal”.

The PROBLEM with this is that the IDEA gets ABUSED.

The REASON it gets abused boils down to HUMAN NATURE, which is basically rational yet SELFISH.

So when you create ANYTHING where someone can ABUSE it to GAIN POWER, you can be pretty sure that eventually, it WILL be abused, BIG TIME-unless you are SUPER-VIGILANT TO WIPE OUT THE ABUSERS OF THE SYSTEM.
And the best way to do THAT, is to make it pretty HARD to even GET any potential benefit from ANY of these politically correct theories unless one is TRULY in a very, very authentic, and desperate, situation.

But that is not what happened with political correctness, because as SOON as, for example, feminist groups GOT power, they learned a big lesson- by BEING SEEN AS VICTIMS, they could get MORE power.

Now, there ARE women who are abused, but there are ALSO men who are abused. In fact, the latest statistics show that FEMALE SEXUAL PREDATORS are far more prevalent than anyone ever DREAMED of.  

In case you don't BELIEVE me, here is the EVIDENCE:

In US prisons, for example, more MEN are raped by females in POWER than women are raped by men in power. But the very FACT that women are PERCEIVED as MORE VIRTUOUS actually SPOILS women even more and allows more women to get AWAY with abusing men, in ALL kinds of different ways. 

Political correctness is DESTROYING western civilization. And political correctness ALSO ENFORCES this belief system by SHAMING anyone who DARES to speak out against it.

If you REFUSE to go along with the "MEN ARE EVIL and WOMEN ARE VIRTUOUS" slogans, then you are suddenly a "WOMAN HATER". So you are SHAMED into SILENCE.

And if you are a BOY who grew up with STAR WARS and who BIOLOGICALLY is hardwired to ENJOY action, battle, light-saber battles, and adventure, you are now SUPPOSED TO BE THRILLED THAT STAR WARS (e.g. The Force Awakens AND Rogue One) IS NO LONGER ABOUT MEN, BUT RATHER THE MAIN HEROES ARE NOW WOMEN---NOT MEN.

By the way, I actually think "Rogue One" will not flop, because it will have enough interesting stuff going on in the story, as well as enough good acting by the actress in the leading role, and enough of the brand-name recognition to still pull off a hit. But the larger point is that people making these movies are AFRAID of what women will say-including their own wives, if they DON'T make their films politically correct! These men are often BRAINWASHED THEMSELVES. 

Never MIND that girls really don’t CARE about Star Wars in general, they really aren’t HARDWIRED to LOVE battle, action, and light-saber duels, but we are SUPPOSED TO BRAINWASH WOMEN INTO THINKING THAT THIS IS FOR THEM, EVEN WHEN 95% OF GIRLS AND WOMEN DON’T FIND STAR WARS TO REALLY BE ALL THAT INTERESTING TO THEM.

So let’s take stock of what we have so far:
Men are supposed to be deprived of being men.
Men are supposed to behave weak and apologetic and feel guilty for being men.

Women are supposed to be the ones leading the battles and engaging in physical conflict in entertainment.

If you feel PATRIOTISM for your country, you are a RACIST XENOPHOBE. If you constantly TRASH TALK your country, only THEN are you somehow, IN THIS perverted perspective, a patriot. 

Men are feeling ABUSED in REAL LIFE by women, and find that women are promiscuous and unappreciative-and so now MILLIONS of young men are NOT INTERESTED in being with women for long, and they would PREFER video games instead.

The people that make up this society are NOT having children much.

After World War II, millions of people came to the west, but they did not come for MULTICULTURALISM. They came because they SHARED the same values. They ASSIMILATED.

Why did something that worked for so long suddenly get thrown out the window in exchange for multiculturalism that only DIVIDES people? It makes no sense, but in recent decades we were told how WONDERFUL it was going to be to "celebrate" having tons of INCOMPATIBLE DIFFERENCES.

I am talking even about things like sports-I found it DISGUSTING that in recent international major sporting events, I saw flags from EVERY COUNTRY in the world waving from cars, but almost NONE of the flags featuring our OWN country. 

This society has been TRAINED to feel LESS for our OWN country than for other countries.
This multiculturalism stuff DESTROYS unity.
Only western society is this stupid to destroy itself like this.

Things are simply NOT what they seem in a world of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

The BIGGEST thing to remember about political correctness is that it PRETENDS to be something KIND and JUST, and uses this as a MASK to get away with EVIL.

It's right in front of everyone's EYES but most people can NEVER see it, just like in the movie THE MATRIX where Neo learns that nobody can be TOLD what the MATRIX is, but that rather one must see it for themselves.

Are you ready for a huge example? Everyone who was a fan of Barack Obama figured that when he won, he would be for JUSTICE and that he would also help African Americans.  After all, he was the most POLITICALLY CORRECT figure you could vote for at the time!

And yet, there has been far MORE division in the US between blacks and whites during his reign than there has ever been in a long, long time.

But wasn't he supposed to make things BETTER for people who are black? The fact is, he didn't, things got worse.

And when Trump won, suddenly everyone was saying that it was a "whitelash" against a black president, when in fact white people DID VOTE for Obama-TWICE, and there was NO black candidate to vote for between Trump and Hillary Clinton--but somehow voting TRUMP was a vote against somebody BLACK???


Once again, what APPEARS as nice and good just isn't so.

The TRUTH is that the REAL division in America is due to the ECONOMY.  So black or white or any color, the real issue is people not having jobs or decent jobs-or decent businesses. Gainfully employed or not gainfully employed-that’s the real ISSUE, the real division.

The thing to remember about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is that it is DESIGNED to APPEAR as something GOOD, something about EQUALITY, HARMONY, JUSTICE, AND FREEDOM.

That is how it gets its POWER SO NO ONE QUESTIONS IT.
But what it REALLY DOES is DESTROY society- and it is not an accident.
Someone is BENEFITING from all this insanity.

And so, for example, the North American box-office for movies is now NOT the PRIMARY source of revenue for movies. It is the FOREIGN box office.  And so, to appeal to EVERYONE ELSE’S weakness when it comes to political correctness, in Europe, for example, the movies make sure to PISS on the ORIGINAL classic American values that thrived in the 1950s.

Almost every single movie that comes out features the BAD GUYS as being the American government or some white men. It's almost NEVER anyone else. Even in the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, the bad guys are basically the white guys, and the hero is a woman, although I'm surprised they made her white, as the full politically correct move would be to have a woman from some other culture and race be the hero and the bad guys all be white men who seem to resemble westerners. 

It is so ironic.  In the 1940s and 1950s, the immigrants who came to Hollywood LOVED America. They made wholesome movies, creating something to STRIVE towards. The movies actually reflected idealism in family values, and had a POSITIVE EFFECT on the culture.

But the box office is no longer made up primarily of American tickets.  
Those Hollywood moguls are DEAD.
In fact the studios are often now owned by foreign companies, and movies are made with massive influxes of outsider investment.

And even if you do have a few independent films, they are made by the brainwashed masses in most cases. There aren't too many Clint Eastwood types around-men who aren't afraid to be masculine, patriotic, and call it the way they honestly see it instead of being controlled.

In fact, if you want to film a big-budget movie in a foreign country, you have to actually change the story to make sure you kiss up to that country’s system.This is not something I am making up, it is a fact.

FEMINIST GROUPS also benefit, as they keep on getting money and respect as long as they continue to spew lies that are hard for the average person to have the time to look up and disprove. 

And any other country or power that benefits from western society going DOWN will benefit from political correctness-as political correctness causes the society to DETERIORATE from within-not a single act of violence is required, as it causes SELF-DESTRUCTION.  The west is now destroying ITSELF, it doesn't need anything else to be destroyed.

Check out this video about an ANTI-WHITE program that was SPONSORED by the CANADIAN GOVERNMENT courtesy of Canadian TAXPAYER revenue:

Political correctness is like a TROJAN HORSE virus, so once it is INSIDE the culture, the culture opens it up, thinks it is great, and then the culture gets DESTROYED by it.

We are supposed to be happy about "New, Improved, Politically Correct America".

When I say "America" I also mean WESTERN SOCIETY IN GENERAL.

CLASSIC America is under attack CULTURALLY.
The spirit of free enterprise, of self-determination,
of pioneers, of FAMILY VALUES, is under ATTACK.


Part of what made this all possible is the perfect
storm in the 1960's, including President Nixon being found
corrupt, which eroded people's faith in their
own government and in their own institutions.

Then, you also have the DRUGS that started in
the 1960s, which seriously SCREWED UP an entire
generation, thinking they could just "go tripping
on acid" and that somehow this would make all 

the problems go away. 

I love meditation, but I make no mistake about
it, that my OWN state of mind in itself is not
going to make the world better.  I have to
actually DO something to make the world better.
My internal state is helpful for ME, but
my internal state does not reflect the
state of the WORLD.

Taking DRUGS makes you REALLY THINK everything

Then, combine the lack of faith in the old
school system, the government institutions,
the DRUGS, and then ONE MORE thing:


So now you ALSO have the generation of FREE LOVE,
due to the birth control pill, making promiscuity
so much EASIER.

This perfect storm of events led people to
REJECT the old school values, thinking that
all authority figures were corrupt, and it
led people to think that everything was
all right as long as it FEEEEEEELS good,
and it led to the experimentation with
high levels of promiscuity.

And when you are on drugs, you can find yourself
in a state of WISHFUL thinking.


And of course, feminism started to kick into
high gear around then too, but the men didn't
realize how destructive it was going to be
since it took a while for feminism to show
its EFFECTS on women's changing behavior
and roles in society.

Promiscuity. Drugs. Corruption.
Not a good combination for a future generation.

So this was the start of it.

There is NO need for violence in this war against America.
Americans are doing it to themselves, and since so many are brainwashed by political correctness, they are actually helping the destruction along by going along with it all.

Trust me, most women do NOT enjoy being promiscuous.
They end up REGRETTING it far more than any man does.

Studies have shown this, including studies following up on the lives of female porn stars versus male porn stars-and that is even when the women are paid INFINITELY more than the men!  There is a documentary on this called After Porn, and also a very THOROUGH study on it that you can read up on HERE:

And MORE proof HERE:

Promiscuity and putting career ahead of family and children is NOT making women happier. 

Every year, more and more women keep going on Prozac for depression, and though some will say this is just ‘improved diagnosing’, the fact is that if women were happier with this lifestyle, they wouldn’t make shows like Sex and The City, where, after all the characters are engaged in feminist promiscuity, they are STILL depressed on the show---they do this because it is the TRUTH about women like this—this is why women watch the show—they can RELATE to both the promiscuity AND the emptiness these characters feel. 



And THIS is why Trump winning the election is SO massively important. It's the FIRST STEP in the RIGHT DIRECTION TO DEFEATING POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Trump is a man who SPOKE OUT against the BULL**** that everyone else was TOO SCARED to SAY-for fear of being SHAMED.

And NOTICE what the entire MEDIA is trying to do to Trump. They keep on trying to SHAME him.

They will find a few KKK members that happen to support him and make it seem as if HE is IN LOVE with  their teachings and as if he is a racist.  And they will find something he said and pretend he is a MALE CHAUVINIST.

The truth is the OPPOSITE. 

Regarding those comments he made about women, the TRUTH is all he said was he couldn’t BELIEVE HOW EASY IT WAS FOR CELEBRITIES TO GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING WITH WOMEN.

And this is simply the TRUTH.
It IS. If you are a male pro athlete, a celebrity, a movie-star, women TRULY DO THROW THEMSELVES AT YOU AND YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH ALMOST ANYTHING.
The truth is politically incorrect, but it is TRUE.

So he is now EVIL for knowing the TRUTH? 

The WEAPON OF CHOICE for the politically correct crowd is SHAMING.

Because human beings are usually GRAVELY AFRAID of being REJECTED BY SOCIETY.

But Trump didn't give a rat’s ass.

He ain’t perfect, but he pretty much calls it as he REALLY sees it, instead of promoting the politically correct bullshit.

And of course the IRONY is that he is, in fact, the OPPOSITE of all those things he is accused of. The PROOF of all those things is in his actual REAL LIFE behavior and actions with all the types of people he is accused of being horrible to. 

Seriously, he is the OPPOSITE.

In this case, POLITICS is actually IMPORTANT because it is the future of the WORLD, since the USA can still affect the world. And it affects your future with women.


And if you want a woman who hasn’t been brainwashed to think that it is GOOD FOR HER to be unfaithful, to be promiscuous, to go out drinking and then blame the guy for why she ended up having sex with him, and if you want a woman who will make YOU AND YOUR FUTURE FAMILY a PRIORITY rather than anything else, then I suggest you go for a woman who has NOT BEEN RAISED in a feminist society.

That means a woman who is NOT from North America, the UK, and many western European countries, like Sweden.

By the way, Sweden is the country that has done the MOST to help encourage women to go into MALE professions and to encourage men to go into women's professions.

And guess what? It didn't work!  They can't change BIOLOGY. More men, in general, like to go into engineering, and more women, in general, like to go into nursing, PERIOD.

But feminism KEEPS ON FORCING men and women to go against their own nature.

If you go for a woman who IS from a feminist country, then you must screen her for one of the very RARE women who was raised by parents who PROTECTED her from the teachings of feminism-BY PROPERLY EDUCATING HER ON HOW TO BEHAVE.

And if yourself grew up in any of the feminist countries, then you MUST be made AWARE of just HOW DEEPLY you yourself have BEEN brainwashed by feminism in so many ways, that there is simply NO WAY for you to SEE THE FOREST for all the trees, so to speak, until you have me BLOW OPEN THE DOORS that were hiding the secrets all these years from you. Secrets on how to get BACK to the MAN you were DESIGNED TO BE BY NATURE-the kind of man that women WANT.

The FIRST step to learn these secrets is to download my very FIRST book, called THE DATING WIZARD, at:

That book is the FOUNDATION for your success with women. I’m hoping that you already downloaded this book, and if you have finished this book, then the NEXT step is to download my ADVANCED programs for success with women.  These programs teach you all the IN-DEPTH knowledge you MUST KNOW for maximum success with women.

They are at:

Remember, I am NOT here to teach you how to get another promiscuous or drunk woman, or the kind of woman that has horrifying values. I will leave that to the MAINSTREAM brainwashed politically correct "pick up artist" crowd who pretend that men actually WANT those kind of women, and who corrupt men further into the realm of accepting this kind of behavior from women.

By the way, men traditionally have HELD BACK from promiscuity only in order to appeal to good women who insist on it- a kind of exchange of value- fidelity for fidelity.  But in a world where the women THEMSELVES ARE PROMISCUOUS, most men feel ZERO incentive to NOT be promiscuous, since women don't seem to care one way or another. At the very least, women are not trying to be the moral gatekeepers in this particular regard anymore.

I am here to show you how to FIND the quality women, and how to ATTRACT those women, including not only the attraction itself, but also how to develop the DEEPEST CONNECTION which a quality woman is going to value FAR MORE than most women.

And then it’s time to get REALLY SERIOUS, by taking my LIVE BOOTCAMP, where I show you how to do this in REAL TIME, on real women. 


Finally, I want to close by reminding you of one thing:


The forces of political correctness want you to THINK you are crazy so you will QUIETLY GO ALONG WITH IT ALL and CONTRIBUTE TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SOCIETY.

And by the way, if our society DOES fall apart, guess what will happen? Due to fear and insecurity, the masses will be even EASIER to exploit by some DICTATOR who promises EVEN MORE POLITICALLY CORRECT bullshit and a world of PERFECT EQUALITY where everyone has everything and everyone is all nice and everyone holds hands and we get along with everyone and there are no bad people at all, ever, anywhere.

And you can be sure that whoever gets THAT power as dictator will NEVER let that power go, and freedom will be a thing of the past FOREVER.

We are already losing that freedom.  Our newspapers keep on telling us bullshit, most of our media keeps on telling us bullshit. We don’t have freedom of the press anymore, because the press is too scared to say the truth lest they be shamed as well.

Even though we are on the precipice of DISASTER as a result of political correctness, the media keeps on SPEWING more and more and more of it.

And you want a woman who is going to be UNAFFECTED by all this bullshit?
You want a woman who will truly be as dedicated to you as you are to her?
Get a woman who has never been tainted by feminism in the first place.
And be the kind of MAN you would be had you NEVER been brainwashed in the first place.

To learn how to do ALL OF THAT, including how to find the best women, what to say to a woman and what to do EVERY STEP OF THE WAY from the moment you first see her, to making love with her, to keeping things going well between you and her, you need to learn from someone who GETS the FULL PICTURE of what is going ON.

That someone is me. There is no one else on the PLANET who truly takes the getting a QUALITY WOMAN seriously.  They may SAY they do this, but in the end, it's just more of the same pick-up artist stuff repackaged in different forms. 

NONE OF THEM TRULY CHALLENGE THE ENTIRE STRUCTURE OF THE PARADIGM.  They are all still working WITHIN the "Matrix" so to speak,  They refuse to acknowledge or even see that the entire foundation of morality has been CORRUPTED.  They know that most men are too weak to stand up and do what it takes to get a GOOD WOMAN, so they just reinforce the current system by giving into it and going for the typical women and even REWARDING these women by telling them how cool it is that these women are so "independent" by rebelling against traditional values and being promiscuous and unfaithful. 


Plus, of course, I ALSO actually PROVE what I teach works to get GOOD WOMEN, and have the testimonials from men who have taken my live programs and live bootcamps. Many of the men I have taught are on my Facebook page, including featuring photos of the women they are with-and some of these men have married these women and even have had kids with them and they are still happily together!

So, to attract the truly GOOD  women out there, learn from someone who knows what they are talking about and go here NOW:

I seriously suggest you get every single one of my programs. They will save you years of heartache, years of loneliness, and get you the kind of woman that will make you feel AMAZING and that will enhance your entire life.  

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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