Sunday, November 27, 2016

The FASTEST Way To Attract Women Is To SLOW Things Down

Contrary to what most people believe, the FASTEST way to attract women is actually to SLOW THINGS DOWN.

I explain exactly what I mean in a new video today, which you can check out immediately right HERE:

As you can see, the greater the quality of the woman, in terms of her being “in-demand” and in terms of her being not only attractive but also loyal, intelligent, warm, and a fun personality, the MORE she actually WANTS a man who is NOT in such a rush to get into bed.

This is because as far as SHE sees the world, getting into bed with someone is EASY. When you are in demand, this is easy.

So therefore, this whole “getting into bed” thing becomes LESS of the focus, and the REAL focus is on finding out what kind of PERSON are you to hang out with and be with in GENERAL. 

And yes, in BED, too, but the funny thing is that this is just ONE of many traits she figures the man of her dreams will HAVE.

The REAL focus is on your attractive PERSONALITY.

And the irony is that when a man comes across as being too preoccupied with the whole getting into bed thing, he actually shows DESPERATION and a weak personality.

At the same time, this doesn’t mean to show FEAR of being sexual. There is a FINE LINE between not being afraid of something and being too obsessed with it.

So yes, she wants a man who is comfortable with being sexual with her, but who is also wise enough to know that a great life together means having the full spectrum of your attractive personality developed, from confident humor to having a mature outlook on things, to having the ability to connect on a wide array of topics and issues with her.

So, SLOW DOWN the whole “rush to getting into bed” and focus on having a really great conversation and interaction with her, and enjoy the PROCESS of getting to know her over several meet-ups or dates-which also allows you more time to display your personality and build even MORE attraction and connection.

To do this MOST EFFECTIVELY, you want to develop the attractive aspects of your personality in FULL.

I can make this whole process EASY for you when you come to learn it all IN PERSON through my BOOTCAMP program. This bootcamp is unlike any other bootcamp on the PLANET.

I am the ONLY instructor on the PLANET who has NEVER “sold-out” his principles in order to pander to the “get laid now” desperate mentality.It’s no coincidence the men who come to me are the men who want the kinds of women that are NOT the promiscuous, heavily drinking, drug-using women. 

Getting a truly GREAT woman, the kind of woman who is RARE today, CAN be done, but it takes SPECIAL KNOW-HOW.

And I am the only man who has made it his ENTIRE FOCUS since DAY ONE when it comes to helping men get the women of their dreams.


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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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