Sunday, November 13, 2016

How Feminism Corrupts Women And Destroys Men's Confidence-And What To DO About It.

Finding and attracting good women, the kinds that are not only beautiful but also faithful and who would make for great long-term girlfriends and even possibly being "the one", is different than just finding the women who you can get "physical" with as quickly as possible:

A large degree of the pick-up artist (aka "PUA" scene) relies on promiscuous women, because it is all about the speed and the quantity. Often these kinds of women can be found in nightclubs, and they are often drunk or tipsy at least.

However, a woman that has her act together and is attractive as well, and who is looking for the kind of man for a real relationship, long term, and exclusive, is not looking for more of the WRONG attention. She already gets endless attention all day wherever she goes, so the last place she is going to go is a bar or nightclub where she is going to get hit on by tons of drunk men.

I focus on teaching men how to meet and attract quality women, the kinds you don't find in nightclubs, and the kinds you rarely see hanging around anywhere.  

Getting "physical" with a woman is actually pretty EASY because feminism breeds promiscuity in women. Making out or having sex with promiscuous women as the PUA community or pick up artists tend to do is not the same thing as attracting a woman who
would be a great girlfriend for a fantastic relationship.

Feminism breeds corruption in women and emphasizes selfishness, power, and materialism at the expense of the relationship, family and children-family values in general.

The best women are usually not found in drunken bars or nightclubs because quality women already get plenty of the wrong attention all day and all week long and the last thing they want or need is the attention of a bunch of drunk men at a club.

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