Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Validating A Quality Woman And Why It's So Important To Your Success

There's SOME good stuff out there in pick-up artist advice, but most of it is HORRIFICALLY  BAD, especially if you want to attract a quality woman for a real relationship-the kind of woman who is going to be faithful and never take you for granted, and who has her act together.

For one thing, the emphasis on fast sex means you throw out a woman who is not moving fast enough on the sex stuff.

And yet, the facts and OCEAN FLOOD of statistics show that promiscuous women are in fact far more likely to be unfaithful and to be prone to things like substance abuse.  This is of course never mentioned by the majority of the pick-up artist crowd because they want you to think that if a woman doesn't sleep with you fast enough, she has issues-that way, they can put the blame on women and never take responsibility for the situation themselves.

And again, the better the quality of the woman in terms of fidelity, long-term relationship thinking, and a sense of responsibility, the less likely she is going to be to jump into bed with any man so fast.

So today I want to focus on a real situation where the key to success was actually understanding how important it is to make sure a woman's SELF-ESTEEM is being respected. Recently, I wrote about how attraction is all about conveying power, which is true, but I also wrote that if you don't convey that you care about a woman, she will feel that her attraction to you is dangerous because you don't really care---so this is why it is so important to understand the complex dynamics of VALIDATING a woman, making her feel respected, cared for, and special.

If a woman is not interested in you or upset at you, it's either because you aren't conveying power or because she is feeling you are not really caring about her or genuinely interested in her.

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