Sunday, December 18, 2016

How I Can Get You MASSIVE Success With Women

Today I want to explain how I can help you
with ANY aspect of success with women,
whether it is pick-up, attraction, or
even ANY aspect of a challenge in a

The reason why I can help you is because
I've truly BEEN through it all, MANY times,

and finally FIGURED IT OUT.

When it comes to pick-up, I've done it for
over thirteen years, not only proving it
publicly for myself, but also proving that
it works for OTHER guys when THEY approach women-
as seen in my bootcamps all these years.

When it comes to success in relationships,
I used to be HORRIBLE at them, because
I expected women to behave THE SAME as
men, to understand things at the same
face value as me-and then I learned
over many years that women are SO
and in how they COMMUNICATE what
they need, ESPECIALLY in a society
of feminism and political correctness
that forces women to say one thing
when they mean something else.

I used to go CRAZY, trying to UNDERSTAND
why women would do certain things that
really seemed INSANE to me.

Figuring all this stuff out CHANGED EVERYTHING.
Not only in SELECTING the right women, but
also in KEEPING THINGS SMOOTH in the relationships
themselves. And the result has been that the
men that learn from me not only attract women,
but KEEP their women attracted and crazy
about them LONG-TERM.

I was the official coach for the Toronto Star's
'Get A Relationship' Contest, I've been the
co-host of a TV show aimed at men
and women who are SERIOUS about finding
someone for a real relationship, and
I've revolutionized the field of pick-up,
by modifying it so that it serves the
needs of men who want quality women
for long term relationships-and this
what most pick up artists do.

Getting a great girlfriend is NOT the same
thing as finding promiscuous women.
Promiscuous women are the bread and butter
of most of the videos you see out there
showing guys making out with women
seconds after meeting them.

That kind of thing may get YOUTUBE HITS,
but it has NOTHING ON EARTH to do with
getting a great, gorgeous, loyal,
long-term, girlfriend.

There are many ways I can help you.

One method is through my SKYPE CONSULTATION
service. Here, you simply let me know exactly
what you want solved, and I provide you with
the perfect solutions on how to go about
solving it.

Sometimes, it's a simple answer!

Sometimes, it's about role-playing a
situation out so you are prepared for
a certain situation.

Sometimes, it's a long-range plan
you are given by me.
Sometimes, it's a series of consultations
to break through your inner fears and

Sometimes it's about correcting a misconception
you had about women or a particular woman.

Skype, phone, and email consultations are at:

Sometimes, however, the main issue is PICK-UP
skills and the need for SKILL DEVELOPMENT
in this area.

This is where BOOTCAMP comes in, because it's

the FASTEST way to learn these skills-even faster
than consultations or through my digital programs.

Learning HOW to effectively pick up women
is about more than just knowing the facts,
as important as those facts are.

It's about getting the right REFLEXES,
the right TIMINGS, the right INSTINCTS,
and learning how to be in the moment-
just as much as it is about also
knowing the facts on how to make
a deep connection and how to instantly
attract, and how to screen a woman
to know if she is the right kind
of woman or not.

Bootcamp is at:

It's very similar to driving a car.
There are the FACTS that you study
from the MANUAL.

And then there is the actual driving
SKILL which you often get from hiring
an instructor. 

Pick-up is SIMILAR; there's just more to master.

This is where you can combine my DIGITAL
PROGRAMS that you can download INSTANTLY
with my LIVE programs (like bootcamp)
that provide the skill coaching expertise
so that you can truly SKYROCKET women's
attraction for you.

These programs include PURE GOLD on
MASSIVELY important aspects of pick-up,
and long-term success with women,
including how to attract instantly,
how to create a deep connection,
how to get women all GIGGLY and
receptive to you, how to super-charge
your confidence, how to understand
women, and much, MUCH more. 

are at:

If you have ANY issue you want SOLVED WITHIN
THE NEXT 48 HOURS, then you should order a
consultation with me.  If I detect that the
best solution for you is to take the BOOTCAMP,
then the cost of the consultation can be
applied to the BOOTCAMP, so there is
NO downside to you.

No matter WHAT your situation is, I can SOLVE IT.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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