Monday, July 22, 2019

The Dating Wizard's 3 Keys To Attracting Women

Many great things in life come in threes, and I have three SUPER effective strategies for attracting women that I am going to share with you right now! Let's get right to it:

Now let me ask you ask you a question. How IMPORTANT is success with women to you?

How would it FEEL to have a stunning, gorgeous woman, right now, in your arms, and have her be CRAZY HAPPY to be with you?

Personally, I think that being with an amazing woman is one of the GREATEST highs one can ever experience in life. 

And I take this field VERY seriously.

I have PUBLICLY PROVEN my abilities to help men in the most ROCK-SOLID way: The largest newspaper in the COUNTRY got a group of men together who really wanted to improve their success with women, including guys that had NEVER approached women before and who had never successfully gotten a woman's number or personal email or an "instant date". (An "instant date" is where you actually take a woman on a date the very moment you approach her!). 

And these men didn't just succeed according to ME.  A VETERAN journalist from the paper followed their progress over the course of several WEEKS, and the newspaper printed their results independently.  That means I had no control over what was said or printed. And these men were so happy they wanted to let the world know how awesome it was to get success with women that they voluntarily reported their successes to the paper, and it was all printed.

You can check it out at:

You can also watch live testimonials from even MORE guys who have learned from my programs at:

Here's something else: I take this field so seriously, that it is a true PASSION of mine. I am THE guy who took the whole "dating coach" field to a new level. Do you know that just a few years ago, practically ALL THE COACHES in the world in this field were telling guys they needed to use pick-up lines and/or memorized routines in order to approach and successfully attract women???

I was the guy that FIRST taught how you can approach and attract women in a far more natural way that didn't require one to have to learn an "act" or "routine".

Also, I was the guy who knew that in most situations where you approach a woman who is a stranger, you WILL need to talk to her and have a conversation. I say this because there was this whole movement that was teaching guys that all you were supposed to do was walk up to a woman and say "I like you". This might work on a woman who ALREADY is attracted to you, but it won't MAKE a woman attracted to you.

All these pick up lines, and other over-simplifications were GIMMICKS that some companies used. Gimmicks rather than what is truly BEST and what is truly most EFFECTIVE.

I have never sold-out to telling guys to go for "gimmicks".  And I never tried to trick guys into thinking that getting a promiscuous drunk woman in a bar to kiss you is the SAME thing as actually getting a great, quality woman inside and out.   

I care too much about REAL success with women, and I respect the men I work for. So I only give you THE BEST strategies, the best insights, the best advice.

So if you want to be able to attract a great woman, and be able to KEEP her, (which is something most men unfortunately don't realize is important until it's too late), I suggest you choose me as your dating coach, whether that is through my live coaching, or through my downloadable programs for your success with women.

If you are not sure where to start, then DEFINITELY start with my book, The Dating Wizard, at

Of course, you can always decide to NOT take advantage of my coaching and my programs, and be stuck exactly where you are now for the rest of your life. That is your choice.

To find out about all my important programs for your success with women, go here:

To learn about the movie I'm making that is a "cautionary tale" about dating in our modern era today, go here:

Be cool...

Michael Mars

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