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Climbing Out Of Darkness

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES that I used to make
regarding the whole idea of attraction is that I
thought you were supposed to be this type of
STOIC, serious guy. Brooding.

I thought this showed that you were TOUGH.
I thought TOUGH was what it was all about.

I didn't see how you could be both TOUGH
and yet PLAYFUL.

Not only that, I was so dark and brooding that
I LIVED in a world of darkness. I dressed in all
black. I felt very CONGRUENT this way too,
especially since I was so pissed off at so many

And the way my interactions were going with the
girls that I liked didn't help any, in fact that
probably made me feel more angry than

I was this decent guy, who would never cheat
on a girl, who was totally genuine and meant
every word I said, and yet the girls I really
wanted just didn't seem to feel the same

They didn't seem to appreciate any of my
decency, or my serious-mindedness, even though
they kept on SAYING they wanted a serious
guy who wouldn't cheat on them, etc.

So I used to assure them over and over again
that I would NEVER cheat on them, and that
I would ALWAYS appreciate them. I used to
call a girl again and again to show her that
I did NOT take her for granted. To show her
that I was NOT the type of guy that they said
they hated.

Of course, this made the problem worse.
This just pushed the girls away even more,
and this made me even more brooding, angry
and pissed off.

It ultimately EXPLODED one day as I became
totally and completely fed up. I became blunt
with girls, doing NOTHING for them, no favours,
sick and tired of being abused and used.

I was super direct in my 'pick-up' style, basically
just approaching girls and going right into any
conversation and then telling them to give me
their contact info, which they often did.

I gave no compliments because I was sure
girls didn't deserve them. And, in a completely
calm way, (because I really didn't care about
any girl, since I felt they were pretty evil anyway,
so I had no anger, I was more EMOTIONALLY
DEVOID). I disqualified girls for the SLIGHTEST
thing that **I** didn't approve of, in fact I told
them that things wouldn't work out and I meant

I would do this calmly on the way driving them
home. So if a girl pulled out a cigarette for
example, earlier in the evening, she found out
later on the ride home from me, that in my
opinion things wouldn't work out, I often didn't
even explain why, because I didn't care enough
to even let these girls know, since I figured
they were too insensitive to appreciate the
reason anyway.

The key to remember is that I said this super
perfectly calmly, which is something that 99
percent of guys don't do, they get emotionally
involved, which actually BOOSTS THE
GIRLS' EGO, since she feels she got the
guy to REACT to her.

Usually, these girls, who by the way happened
to be INSANELY HOT, then started to CHASE me,
asking me to call them and not to judge them
based on one night. They kept telling me to
call them. To give them a chance.

Which was ironic, because when I was always
doing the chasing, and doing all the work in the
world to make these girls happy and feel good,
they wouldn't give me the time of day.

But in the 'then' new version of myself, I called
girls only when I happened to feel like it, and
didn't call them when I didn't feel like it. I
promised girls nothing, and had more girls
than I could count, so I really didn't mind
much if some of them didn't like the way
I rolled.

So what was the problem?

There were a few problems:

These relationships lasted for a VERY SHORT

Most girls are compelled and intrigued and
attracted to a guy who really is THE MAN in
the sense that he is emotionally strong,
doesn't need anything from anybody,
certainly not from a woman. They are
also attracted to the dominance shown
by a guy who leads the show.

However, they also hope to have SOME
connection to the guy. The way I was
behaving made any long-term relationship

When trying to actually PICK UP girls in
'HAPPY' environments like clubs, (where
TONS of girls hang out) my behaviour wasn't
helping very much. It's just like trying to mix
oil and water, they don't mix.

I hated the music, I hated the whole happy
thing actually. Hated it. Thought it was

So this style was not useful in clubs or lounges.
And there are TONS of girls in these places.

In general, this whole attitude I had was not
making ME very happy. My attitude was that
chicks were 'evil', and they had to be shown
'who's boss'.

Which is kind of depressing if you really
believe it, which I kinda did at the time.
Not a great paradigm or formula for
happiness, on your own, or with women.

All this changed SLOWLY, as I evolved to
gain a far greater and more comprehensive
understanding of attraction.

It took YEARS for me to CLIMB OUT OF

I grew to understand that attraction has
NOTHING to do with being a jerk. It has
to do with making a girl feel you are
SUPERIOR to her, and yet it also has to
do with making her feel that you in fact
really DO LIKE her, for she has something
special about her.
Superior does NOT mean abusive
at ALL.

It's just a FACT that people are attracted
to that which they feel is SUPERIOR.
So says ME.

I also grew to understand that YOUR STATE
EARTH you can possibly EVER have with

This state of mind is a combination of BEING
that you are DESIRABLE, and of feeling
SEXUAL as well as of feeling DOMINANT.

When you are operating in THIS DIMENSION,
then you are in a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME.
Seriously, no goddamn exaggerations, it's a

Suddenly, you no longer have to 'run game'
on women. YOU are all the game you need.
YOU have BECOME what attraction IS.

And your attitude toward women changes
as well. The reason this happens is because
you are not only getting results, but you
also finally 'get' that attraction is not about
being MEAN.

Ultimately, it's about making women feel
GREAT, which happens because YOU feel
great (which is VERY different than the
stereotypical 'nice guy' who actually feels
very down and inferior). You are able to
make women feel great because you
KNOW IN YOUR GUT that you are
THE guy who will make her feel GREAT.

But the thing is, WHAT IF YOU ARE FEELING

If state of mind is SO CRITICAL for
success in your interactions with women,
then what the hell should a guy do if he is
feeling like total crap???

Should he stay home and say affirmations
to himself?
Should he tell a girl that he is feeling crappy,
that he is having an 'off day'?


The answer is that he should IMMEDIATELY

THIS is what he should do.

Otherwise, he will just go DEEPER into his
negativity, and by focusing on it, he will only
make it WORSE.

And NEVER, EVER EVER give in to the negative
emotions. WEATHER THE STORM with everything
you've got.

For example if some EX-GIRLFRIEND who
treated a guy like crap is making a guy feel
bad, then the BEST thing he can do is GO OUT

And even if he feels like crap while he is
doing this, he is doing the BEST AND MOST
EFFICIENT THING for his success and for his
state of mind to change.

The reason for this is because interacting with
women requires ALL OF YOUR SENSES TO

Your sense of timing, your sense of humor,
your visual senses, your alertness and dominance,
your tone of voice and vocal abilities.

some negative PAST event or even some negative
current emotion.

As a brilliant friend I know explains, don't REPRESS
the thoughts, but don't FOCUS on them either!


But there is the QUICKEST route to GETTING
to that powerful state of mind-- a state
of mind that is the combination of several
specific emotions.

And that's through DOING IT, through DOING
pick up, and through interacting with women.

And of course, not only are you concentrating
your focus away from the negative LIES in
your brain, but chances are that you will also
get POSITIVE feedback from women if you
take advantage of the things that I teach,
which will VALIDATE your sense of self-esteem
and self-worth.

This will BLOW TO BITS the feelings
of insecurity that were causing you the
negative feelings in the first place!!!

And of course, you should ALSO be immersing
your life with POSITIVE sources of energy and
you must CUT OFF the negative sources of energy,
you must Do EVERYTHING in your power to avoid
negative people and negative sources.

Your mind should be fed a diet of EMPOWERING
input, i.e. music that is 'THE MAN' approved.

Blow the wuss music the hell out of the water.
For now, you can't take chances.

Also, remember that chances are if any woman
ever did something CRUEL to you, (this is different
than simply not being attracted), chances are
INSANELY HIGH that she did this to you because
SHE FELT INSECURE. She felt horrible, so
she wanted YOU to feel horrible. It was her
CONTRIVED PLAN to make you feel like

It was CONTRIVED, it's not what you are
REALLY worth, it's what she WANTED YOU
to THINK you are worth.

Insecurity is the cause of all hell and bad
personalities. Yes it's true. It's the cause
of both behaviour that is FAKELY NICE
and also behaviour that is MEAN.
Both of which are "anti-attractants".

Notice how both FAKE NICE, i.e. a guy
that kisses a woman's ass because he
feels inferior, is not 'nice', it's just a feeling
of inferiority, and notice also how being
MEAN is ALSO a reflection of someone
feeling inferior inside and thus feeling
the NEED to put down others so that
they will (in his mind) accept him or
her as superior or at least worthy.

Either way, BOTH are not the ways to achieve
optimum attraction.

If you want to gain the GREATEST POWERS
of attraction with women, you MUST learn

And if you want to learn exactly HOW to
ACHIEVE this state of mind, it's up to
YOU to take action. I can think of no finer
way for you to do this than by downloading
my most IN-DEPTH program on deep
internal change, called "Warrior Within",

And if you would like to get the MASSIVE POWER
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Be cool...

Michael Marks

Questions? Email me at michael@thedatingwizardreturns.come

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