Friday, July 5, 2019

A Movie That Expresses A Man's View

Hey there,

I just sent out a newsletter a
few minutes ago explaining how
massively important it is to be
in the right state of mind in
order to attract women, and I
discussed some of the most
powerful ways to take IMMEDIATE
action as well as suggested my
Warrior Within program for taking
the most IN-DEPTH strategies for
even GREATER success with women.

And right now, I want to take a
moment to let you know that I
really do understand how what
SHOULD be a simple thing-success
with women-is today truly a challenge
like no other time in history.

There are many, many reasons for this,
but the bottom line is MOST MEN WILL FAIL
to get the kind of success they wish they
could have.

At the same time, there is almost NO ONE
out there bringing this issue into the

Instead, what we get are movies, TV shows,
music, and news that bombards us with
extreme feminist, politically-correct drivel
that seeks to make a mockery out of men-
ESPECIALLY the GOOD men who really actually
care about women.

And for this reason, I have been working
now for YEARS on a film to show what no
one else will show up there on the screen-
to show how far men are being pushed to
the edge today.

I’m working on completing this film this
summer, but I need your help. Even though
every single person on this film’s team is
dedicated and working to keep costs down
to a minimum, it simply CANNOT be made for

There are costs associated with renting
film locations, costs for renting equipment,
costs associated with providing food for
for these incredible people that are
generously giving of their time, expertise,
and energy day after day and night after night.

So, ANYTHING you can do to help out would be
MASSIVELY appreciated, and not only that,
but more importantly you are helping to finally
get a film made that shows the OTHER SIDE
instead of the infinite insane feminist
politically correct LIES we get in the
media 24/7.

All you have to do is simple: Donate what you
can through PayPal to my PayPal email address.

And you can find out more about the film by
going here:

You really will make a difference, no matter what
you can contribute.

Thanks, and I’ll see you again soon.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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