Thursday, January 3, 2019

What You Think Attracts Women REPELS Them

If you are like most men on the planet, then what you think attracts women actually REPELS them! And today, in my new video for you, I'm going to get into EXACTLY what those things are, and why you must beware of them:

Being extra nice just tells a woman that you must be INADEQUATE and that you are trying to give her consolation with a compensation prize called "extra niceness" in return for her agreeing to what is a "bad offer" for her!

And trying even HARDER when a woman isn't showing interest is even WORSE, as your brain plays the cognitive dissonance Jedi mind-trick on both you AND her. YOU start to feel she MUST be worth it, because your mind says: "Why ELSE would I be trying SO HARD? It must be because she's WORTH it!" And HER mind says "He MUST be inferior, otherwise WHY is he trying so hard?"

And this problem, as you can see, just feeds on ITSELF, making each person believe more and more in their own perspective. The harder you try to WIN her, the more YOU feel she is WORTH it.  And this only makes her feel you are LESS worth it, so she makes it even HARDER for you, which makes YOU feel she is even MORE worth it.

It's a HORRIFYING tragedy.

And buying her gifts just pushes the button in her mind that says you are a PROVIDER, and when you combine this with the other unattractive behaviors, the ONLY thing she will see you as is a provider of more gifts!

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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