Monday, January 14, 2019

Toxic Feminism In Movies And How To Fight Back

Toxic feminism in movies is corrupting women in the most sinister way: It is making women think it is NORMAL to view men as EVIL, and also it is making women think it is perfectly FINE and NORMAL to treat men with DISRESPECT.

As you can see from the above video, the absolutely disgusting treatment of men is made to seem perfectly normal by these mainstream films that are HITS with women! And to think that for example Eat Pray Love was not even written by a woman who is interested in men!

I don't think any woman who actually feels anything for men could write those films. 

Help me FIGHT BACK against this, by making a movie that shows, for ONCE, the REAL TRUTH THAT MEN EXPERIENCE with women in our third-wave feminist, politically-correct infested culture. This will be a film that CAN'T be ignored, because it is simply too emotionally compelling to look away from it. 

The element of this film are already in place. We just need the minimum budget so that the people working on this project don't starve as they spend their days and nights on it for just a few weeks. I'm volunteering to do all the other remaining work myself for free and am happy to do that as I believe it is my mission.

Take action NOW and let's get this film MADE:

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