Friday, January 18, 2019

The Red Pill Response To Gillette, Protecting Yourself From Abusive Women, And How To Defeat Political Correctness

It really is no laughing matter that for a man to find a woman who is uncorrupted by political correctness and third-wave feminism, it is becoming nearly impossible unless he is prepared to go to extremes beyond his wildest imagination.

He is going to have to learn to SCREEN women OUT at a level that previous generations of men never could have fathomed. He is going to need a ROCK-SOLID confidence as well as a faith in his morals and his self-worth that cannot be eroded by the incessant, disgusting BOMBARDMENT of attacks on men's self-esteem in the mainstream media.

Just last week, I released a video discussing the horrifying messages that women are being fed in the mainstream media through mainstream films such as many of the most popular "chick-flicks" like Eat, Pray, Love

The content of these messages completely devalue good men who are loyal and who genuinely care, and the content of these messages also promote the destruction of the traditional sexual and spiritual bonds between men and women. These toxic messages also fuel a culture that not only destroys marriages and families but also creates maladjusted adults who grow up without fathers.

Well, in just the few days since releasing that video, one of the most iconic companies in the world CRUMBLED and SUCCUMBED to the forces of political correctness and third-wave feminism, and created something much more devastating than just an anti-male commercial. They created a man-hating short FILM that has NOTHING to do with selling shaving equipment and EVERYTHING to do with EMASCULATING men and making men think there is something WRONG with them.  

In many ways their film is also racist, as they made sure that the worst offenders in their politically-correct propaganda piece were all white. 

Also, what is INSANE is that they tried to make things like play-fighting between boys and things like a man wanting to pick up a woman seem EVIL, when in reality any man OR woman who knows boys and men knows that play-fighting is normal and part of socializing for boys, and also any sane woman not only knows that approaching a woman to get her number is NORMAL but actually most women would LIKE THIS if it happened to them from a guy they were interested in!

So today, I have TWO new videos for you. One is my response to the INSANE ad by Gillette, as seen above, and the OTHER is a video to warn you against getting sucked in by the most abusive women out there, who tend to ESPECIALLY look for good guys because they know good guys don't naturally think about how evil people can be, which can make them easier to initially exploit. So I am here to KEEP YOU ALERT to them.

I can honestly tell you that if it wasn't for the HORRIFYING FEMINIST, POLITICALLY CORRECT CULTURE that is bombarding us with endless toxic propaganda, there would probably be NO NEED for most men to have to learn special insights about success with women today.  And in fact, if a guy is JUST looking to get superficial with women and has no interest in the long-term, it is actually EASIER today to do the superficial stuff with women since there are so many promiscuous women around.  

(And by the way, it seems that many promiscuous women are even MORE educated than the non-promiscuous women, so if you think a woman's degrees make her better, you better think again. I'm not saying not to go for educated women-I personally want a woman who I can discuss all kinds of intellectual topics with as well-but academic/university/college education in itself does not make a woman more morally sound whatsoever.)

This is why I believe that in addition to teaching men how to succeed with women in our insane, third-wave feminist, politically correct society, it is of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST THEIR TOXIC PROPAGANDA with our own COUNTER-CAMPAIGN of FILMS that are EVEN MORE COMPELLING, that are PRO-TRUTH, PRO-NUCLEAR FAMILY, and PRO-TRADITIONAL VALUES.

That is the reason I am making a film that is all those GOOD things. Some people have also asked why the protagonist in the film seems a little crazy, in that he kidnaps a woman out of desperation and loneliness. 

The answer to that is because not only does the protagonist not want to harm a hair on her head, but even more importantly this premise allows for both the man and woman to eventually (after the initial shock wears off) have a radically honest and meaningful connection, dialogue, and interaction with each other, where she is free from the effects of the toxic indoctrination of our politically-correct culture.

I do not want to spoil the story by revealing too much, yet I can assure you the point of this movie is to show the male perspective on these issues in the most compelling, meaningful way.

Art is truly the most effective way to create cultural change. Stats and facts unfortunately don't work. If they did, we wouldn't have a problem. Truth IS on our side, but it isn't enough. The whole reason political correctness and third-wave feminism took off is through their use of psychology i.e. EMOTION, and emotion always beats facts, logic, and truth. 

My greatest passion in the world is making films. I have been involved in it since I was a  kid, writing screenplays and making short films back then, and then eventually screenwriting professionally and serving as a screenwriting instructor at some of the biggest film schools in Canada. 

The challenge with making films is that they require things beyond pencils, pens, and word-processors. They require actors, locations, cameras, crew, transportation, and other essential needs for the film. 

And because most people don't have the budget for these things, we tend to only get to see  the stuff that the big studios produce. Some of it is good, most of it is pretty mediocre or a form of a remake, and some of it is downright horrifyingly toxic.  

Studios spend anywhere from TENS to HUNDREDS of millions of dollars on their films, so they are usually too scared to tell stories that they think might be too controversial. As a result, they only make the films they figure will have a guaranteed audience. The audience doesn't have to LOVE the movie, they just have to like it enough to want to see it and to enjoy the experience enough to want to see more movies. This is why studios make SEQUELS or remakes of films that were successful.  They do NOT want to "rock the boat" for fear of risking their investment money.

In other words, there is no way in HELL they are going to produce my film, no matter how compelling the story is. They don't want to rock the boat. And my film most certainly is going to ROCK that boat, and ROCK it HARD.

This is where you come in. You can join me on my journey and help get this film MADE. As a special reward, I have created a TON of PERKS for contributors. Take action now to become an integral part of this important film by going here immediately:

And if you would like a private consultation with me, or if you would like to download any of my programs for success with women in our current era, go here:

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