Monday, July 2, 2018

What Every Man Should Know About Political Correctness And Attracting Women

Political correctness, including third-wave feminism, has stripped men of their confidence and their masculinity, and as a result has sabotaged them when it comes to attracting women. Women are attracted to MASCULINE men, but political correctness has indoctrinated an entire generation of men to think that masculinity is evil! 

Also political correctness is FALSE MORALITY instead of TRUE morality. It is a MASK that people use to LOOK VIRTUOUS while actually getting away with EVIL. 

Doing the REAL "right thing" usually ends up COSTING you popularity points these days, but doing the politically correct thing ALWAYS gains you points with the majority of people who unfortunately are weak and/or lacking intelligence to see through the smoke and mirrors of political correctness. 

If you are EVIL, you would OF COURSE use political correctness-it's SO EASY and requires NO sacrifice. You just get on the politically correct bandwagon and spew out endless politically correct maxims and slogans that cost them nothing and in fact gain them popularity. 

It is also crucial to understand that political correctness knows no bounds. It has NO END; it will ALWAYS demand MORE AND MORE until every other belief is QUASHED TO EXTINCTION. 

Political correctness PRETENDS to be about equality and freedom, but in reality is about TOTAL SUBJUGATION AND THE ABSOLUTE CENSORSHIP OF ANY OPPOSING VIEWS. 

So, if you want to attract a woman, you must be POLITICALLY INCORRECT in the sense of being MASCULINE, ASSERTIVE, SEXUAL, AND CONFIDENT. This isn't always easy to do when you are BOMBARDED by the OPPOSITE message 24/7 in our society today!

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