Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Toxic Femininity

There is a new form of femininity that is being nurtured by most modern feminists today, and it is a TOXIC femininity, because it encourages women to shirk responsibility and accountability and instead blame EVERYTHING on men. 

The irony of this is that we keep getting bombarded by messages from feminists on how MEN are supposed to be accountable for EVERYTHING wrong in the UNIVERSE (including now blaming MASCULINITY itself as something "toxic" which they call "toxic masculinity"!) but meanwhile these very same feminists are women who don't take accountability for their OWN behavior!  

These feminists should stop being obsessed with "toxic masculinity" and see the REAL issue in our society, which is the feminist creation of a TOXIC FEMININITY for women.  

The latest horrifying example of this is the way the media has handled the tragic suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Instead of focusing on the TRUTH about what REALLY happened to Anthony Bourdain and the role that Asia Argento played in his suicide, it instead portrays Asia Argento and Rose McGowan as BRAVE HEROES who are the REAL VICTIMS.

In this video, I also bring up many points raised by a fantastic woman named Leah McSweeney who challenges the INSANITY that the media and that these feminists try to promote.  

Do not let yourself become brainwashed to lose your masculinity, your confidence, or your sanity. Women STILL, like ALWAYS, are attracted to MASCULINE, CONFIDENT, POWERFUL men, even though you constantly get bombarded by messages telling you that women are all TERRIFIED of men, as if women want you to approach them like they are made from glass and as if they want you to come across as apologetic, weak, timid, anti-septic, and lacking any sexual MOJO.  

Also, you MUST screen the women you date for their character, including their ability to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY rather than blame everything on you or on men in general.

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