Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Power Of Confident Humor For Attracting Women

As you may have seen in many of
my examples both here and in my
videos, I believe very strongly
in using a certain kind of humor
with women, especially in the
initial pick-up, but also sprinkled
throughout your life with any
woman you like.


And I have a really GREAT program
on this topic, where I speak with
a guy who LIVES AND BREATHES this
stuff, AND who really understands
how to attract women as well-I
even teamed up with him once for
one of my bootcamps and it was
a great chance for us to share
our combined experiences and
insights with the guys at the

Confident humor is one of those
things that will help you with
women MASSIVELY, both in the
IMMEDIATE moment when you see
her and you want to go from being
a stranger to being that guy she
can't get enough of, and also
in the LONG-TERM as well where
you have built up so much positivity
in the relationship with her that
she would never DARE let you go!

It's all at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks 

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