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The JERK Factor - You MUST Read This If You Want Success With Women

A long time ago, I used to think the reason
JERKS did well with women was because
women were crazy.

Then, I thought women were hardwired
to be attracted to jerks.


Then, I thought it was just that some of
these guys had everything ELSE going
for them, so that they could get AWAY
with being jerks and still have women

Fast forward ten years of REAL WORLD
testing, and I can tell you the TRUTH:

The part of being a JERK that is attractive
actually has nothing to do with being a jerk.
It’s just that good guys tend to THINK that
a lot of behaviors that are attractive must
be “jerky” when they aren’t.

Let me give you some specific examples:


Most guys, when creating a profile, will try
to “convince” a woman reading the profile
that they are good guys, who will be fun,
interesting, and who will treat a woman well.

The PROBLEM with all this, is that ninety-nine
percent of the time, women get the SAME kind
of message from ALL guys.

PLUS, when women read the messages and the
profile descriptions, women feel that the vast majority
of all these guys are so focused on trying to impress
the women, that it’s obvious to the women that the
guys probably will accept ANY behavior from
any attractive woman and be grateful for any attention.

All this is NOT flattering.
It just makes a woman feel SORRY/SYMPATHY,
not feel ATTRACTION, because the message
being sent on a primal unconscious level is
“I am not on the same level of value as you.”

The woman can ALREADY predict the future of
what will happen if she gives the SLIGHTEST
indication of interest to the guy:

The guy will write back a huge long email,
and offer to take her somewhere really nice,
and probably give her all kinds of compliments
even though he has no clue who she really is,
but the guy will READ INTO any little thing
about her description and see it through
ROSE-colored glasses, he will fall BIG TIME
for the HALO effect.

The halo effect, in this example, is the tendency
of a man to think that an attractive woman is
more intelligent, more noble, more admirable,
than another woman who is not as attractive.

Yes, the MIND is hardwired this way, and
most guys are SLAVES to their MIND, they
don’t learn to control their MIND, so their
MIND controls THEM. And when it come s
to the area of attraction and women, this
is TOTALLY true.

On the OTHER hand, let’s take the OPPOSITE
example, okay?

Imagine a guy creates a profile, where his first
line is “I’m a total JERK. I always treat myself
first and love myself more than anyone else.
Pretty much, I’m the guy you’re mother warned
you about. The problem is, even though you’ve
been warned, you’ll end up falling in love with
me, then hating me because all I’m good at is
sex. Then, you’ll keep coming back to me
because all I’m good at is sex and I’m horrible
at listening to your problems.

Which leads to more fights and even more intense
mind-blowing make up sex. Oh man, leave me alone
already, I can already feel you harassing me with
love-hate mail. The story of my life…”

Now, I know that a million guys are about to
cut and paste this since that’s the easiest thing
to do, and yup, they will get better results
than they have been getting all their life.

But as everyone copies this, it will wear a
little thin, so the key is to understand the
PRINCIPLE at work here AND create your own.


What is ACTUALLY happening in the above example
can only be seen through READING BETWEEN THE LINES.

To a guy who is UNAWARE of the reality
a guy who is unaware of the REALITY of
an attractive woman, the above profile
sounds like that of a JERK.

But in REALITY, here's what it’s actually saying:

Hey there, I’m not like those other needy
desperate guys who are going to ask you
to marry them the first second you reply
to them. I’m quite a catch myself, and
not in a hurry to get chained down to
the WRONG WOMAN, so you can feel
free to NOT be under any PRESSURE
to be with me.

If you decide to be with ME, it will be by 
your CHOICE, not by FORCE, pressure,
guilt, or any other pathetic attempt to 
get you.

I’m also a really FUN and PLAYFUL guy 
as you can tell from my sense of humor.

In addition, I’m not uncomfortable about
sex and about enjoying it in tons of creative
and passionate ways.

Plus, I already have experience with women,
and the truth is, they are so addicted to me,
the only reason they hate me is because they
can’t get ENOUGH of me, and enough
control of me, they wish they could totally
control me because they want me so badly.

PLUS, the fact is, that EVERY GUY you've
ever really loved was the SAME like me,
so you can already FEEL that I am going
to give you the SAME awesome emotions
except even BETTER since I'm even MORE
of all the things that made you WILD about
any man in the past!"

That is what the message is REALLY saying "between the lines"!

And communication is always more powerful
when done INDIRECTLY rather than SAYING
it directly.

That's why you must learn to communicate
in a way where your message is in between
the lines.

"In between the lines" is INDIRECT.
When you just try to say important things
directly, it doesn't work because EVERYONE
TRIES the same direct thing, so the mind
gets DESENSITIZED to it.

It's too easy, everyone does the direct thing
about saying they are all great catches.

It doesn't make a woman FEEL anything,
other than that the guy might be just
telling a lie to impress her.

Anyone can SAY they are great, right?
It's much better to INFER it indirectly.

So, for example, you don’t SAY to a woman
that you are funny, if you are funny.

Instead, you GET her laughing.

You don’t SAY you are confident, you instead
SHOW it through your ACTIONS and through

NOTHING jerky going on actually, see?

Tons of OTHER cool and attractive things going
on here, but no “jerkiness”.

Now, guess what? Online dating can be great,
but it is just one route to success, because
as you will see:


ONLINE DATING is just barely scratching the
SURFACE of what you can do when you are
approaching women in REAL LIFE.

You are not limited to just using a KEYBOARD,
but rather you can access the power of your
FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL since all of your physical
self is actually there.

Your verbal skills, your body language, tonality,
sense of style and fashio n, humor, wit, confidence,
all this comes together with GREATER impact
when approaching a woman in PERSON.

This is one of the reasons I LOVE teaching guys
in REAL LIFE how to attract women through
“cold approaches” LIVE, in real time on actual
women whether the women are in coffee shops,
bookstores, lounges, anywhere!


So let’s say you are chatting to a woman somewhere,
and some loser/jerk who has nothing better to do
tries to interfere in your chat, because he wants
to try to get this woman now that he sees YOU
doing it, because he didn’t have the guts to do it
before he saw YOU do it.

Most of these types of guys are guys who have
no girlfriends and couldn’t get one if they tried
because they are so negative minded, but they
just can’t stand to see someone ELSE get any
results with women, so THEN they suddenly
get motivated.

Well, a lot of guys would actually GIVE the
JERK way too much credit by even
ACKNOWLEDGING his presence.

So let’s say the jerk comes into your conversation
with the woman and makes a remark to her like:
“Hey, wanna have some REAL fun?”

A lot of guys would be thrown for a loop here.
They would say something to the guy like,
“What?”, or they might say, ‘Who are you?”,
or even, “Who the heck are you?”

The very ACT of RESPONDING at all is
a kind of CONDITIONED response, but
it doesn’t mean the jerk DESERVES that


If you TOTALLY cut him out of your reality,
the woman you are with will VERY OFTEN
totally cut him out too, since it’s obvious
he had LESS guts than you, and is an energy
vampire that sucks off of other people.

him, but a lot of guys WOULD give him
SOME attention, because they feel that
they are SUPPOSED to say SOMETHING.

The “nice guy” federation?

And if the jerk KEEPS on trying to chat
to her, or to try to talk to you to distract
you from her or to ruin your vibe with her,
just PULL THE GIRL AWAY with you,
take her by the hand and MOVE.

If the guy REALLY keeps up at it, then
HE is lowering his own value as he is
showing that he CLEARLY sees YOU
as having the ability to get what HE wants .

Meanwhile, he HASN’T got what he wants.
The woman SEES all this, and registers it
DEEP in her unconscious, as this jerk behaving
in a way that is clearly conveying he is of low
intrinsic value and thus UNATTRACTIVE.

And so often, these jerks will have ONE
thing going for them, be it bodybuilding,
or wealth, or high marks in academics, or
some fancy car or prestigious job, or some
kind of connection to someone, WHATEVER.

It doesn’t matter, what matters is that it is always
OBVIOUS that they are relying on that ONE
thing for their sense of ego and confidence.

And then, it ALWAYS COMES UP when
they chat to a woman.

So you will notice the guy trying to wear
an extra tight shirt to show his muscles,
or he will drop into the chat that he is
from some high university, or he will
mention some prestigious club he is
part of, etc.

This sets him up for total destruction.

All you need to do is prick that BALLOON
of FALSE CONFIDENCE and he will quickly
leave with his tail between his legs.

How do you do this?
By EXAGGERATING whatever the heck
he is using to try to “qualify” himself.

If he’s trying to use his muscular SIZE, then
GUSH at this. Tell him to flex for you. Tell
him you think it’s so unfair that most bodybuilders
work so hard and don’t get paid enough.

By GIVING HIM SO MUCH of what he
WISHES he could get, i.e. VALIDATION,
it FLOODS his circuits and he isn’t sure
what the heck is going on.

It also makes him realize that maybe EVERYONE
is on to him, that he is actually MASSIVELY LACKING
CONFIDENCE if he doesn't have his one magic thing,
in this case, his muscles.

If a guy is using his academic intelligence to
try to show off to the girl, VALIDATE his
sense of academic intelligence, tell him you
SUCKED at school and wished you could be
like him.

Remember, the reason these guys ARE jerks
in the first place, is they still haven’t learned
that it’s their INSECURITY that is screwing
them up!

Provide them a HIT of validation on the
ONE THING they use to prop themselves
up, and they simultaneously get their circuits
FRIED with overload, but they ALSO then
wonder if maybe you’re screwing with them,
and it makes them REALIZE for a sec that
maybe EVERYONE is onto their insecurity.

Of course, the best thing is to just IGNORE
AND LEAVE with the girl, but if you have
to, you do the above.

Is that kind of response to a jerk somehow
jerky itself? Not really. It’s just you

What you have read here is a glimpse into
the REAL WORLD of attracting women.

It’s NOT about being a jerk.
It’s about expanding your power in every way,
yet WITHOUT you being unfair to ANYONE.
It’s about learning the truth of how things work.

It’s about gaining insights into women.

And it’s about making your MIND SERVE
YOU, rather than YOU serving your MIND.

Becoming this kind of man is overwhelmingly
seductive to a woman, she can't HELP but
be attracted. It digs too deep into her
carnal sense of you being all MAN, all
'CAVE-MAN survival of the fittest',

Her response to this kind of man is not
LOGICAL. She doesn't THINK about it.
She just FEELS it, and she feels it
DESPERATELY with ferocious intensity.

It's VISCERAL, s he will feel a NEED,
not just a "want" to be with you,
but a deeply obsessive NEED.

What you have read here is just a GLIMPSE
into a whole UNIVERSE where you have
INFINITE POWER and CHOICE when it comes
to women.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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