Thursday, May 3, 2018

The WORST Mistake A Man Can Make With Women

The worst mistake a man can make with women is to invest more and more time in a woman that is not reciprocating interest in him.

This is because of a psychological phenomenon known as "cognitive dissonance", where the more effort the man puts in, the more the man FEELS and THINKS that the woman must be worth it!

This effort ALSO makes the WOMAN feel that SHE is worth it, and the fact he is putting in so much work while she does nothing also makes her feel that HE must NOT be worth HER time!  

This creates a horrifying negative cycle where the more energy he puts in, the more he pushes her away and repulses her while simultaneously making himself feel she is more and more WORTH all his struggle!

If you are doing anything at all like this in your own life, it is time to STOP it and wake yourself UP out of this self-induced brainwashing that is destroying your potential with women! 

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