Monday, May 7, 2018

How To KEEP A Woman Attracted To You

One of the things that blows my mind is how some of the most IMPORTANT information we need in our lives is NEVER taught in school, and today I am going to share something truly
LIFE-CHANGING that IS never taught in school, but is something every man and woman in fact should know if they want to be able to not only GET someone in the first place, but also be able to keep them as well.

When it comes to having positive interactions with a woman, the positive to negative ratio must be WAY better than just a "fair" ratio of 1:1. 

In fact, in studies done by professor John Gottman at Washington University, he could predict whether a married couple would be still together or divorced or in big trouble of separating after NINE YEARS by simply checking THIS RATIO in terms of how many positive to negative interactions they had while dealing with conflict--but the point here is much LARGER than marriage--it is UNIVERSAL.

The "magic relationship ratio" is actually FIVE to ONE. That means for every negative interaction, you need to have FIVE positive interactions - otherwise, the negative FEELINGS still linger.  

The BAD STUFF unfortunately weighs more than the good stuff-so you must take this into account with EVERYTHING you are doing with a woman-from the first moment you pick her up all the way deep into a relationship. 

So the GOOD interactions have to totally be LOPSIDED in their massive PROPORTION compared to any negative feelings, vibes, interactions, etc. 

THIS is why pick-ups that focus on only GOOD EMOTIONS do so well. 

So for example, PLAYFUL TEASING that gets her laughing while STILL RESPECTING HER by making sure you CALIBRATE properly for her personality, for the moment, the situation, is one great strategy. Another is to GENUINELY find something about her that you can VALIDATE her on, something that relates to her IDENTITY as a person-being validated for who you really are feels awesome!  

And being able to turn ANYTHING in the conversation into something POSITIVE, even if it's something negative that she happened to mention by mistake, is a HUGE key in making her want to go from not knowing you to WANTING TO KNOW YOU. 

Human beings are not rational-they don't just want what's "fair"-they want to get WAY MORE than they feel is fair-THIS is what excites them-and so when she sees that being with you is TOTALLY AWESOME AND POSITIVE, she contrasts that with everyone ELSE in her life, including other guys that are trying to get with her, and you STAND OUT.

And if you can remember this for LIFE, you will have a woman CRAZY about you for life.

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Michael Marks

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