Monday, May 14, 2018

Direct Vs. Indirect Approach For Attracting Women

Today, I want to explain the truth about both the "direct" and "indirect" styles for approaching and attracting women, and I explain why the best pick-ups actually include BOTH styles. 

My personal favorite style is to approach first with the INDIRECT strategy, because this way you are giving a woman more of your personality to experience so she can get attracted to you, instead of forcing a woman to make up her mind too fast by immediately and directly stating your interest in her. 

If you are too direct too fast, a woman feels she has to make up her mind right away-and yet you haven't had any time to convey much personality, so you are not giving yourself the optimum chance of attracting her this way.

So FIRST come in with the INDIRECT approach, and THEN, after you have conveyed personality and connected with her in a way that is still confident, THEN you should make it clear you want to take things with her to the next level. 

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