Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Get Women To CHASE YOU By Using Roleplay REVERSAL Of Sexual Stereotypes

Today I want to share with you one of the most
AWESOME strategies for attracting women,
and what it does is use ROLE-PLAY for REVERSING
gender roles regarding the stereotype of men
being "evil, sexually aggressive animals"-
so that WOMEN become the AGGRESSIVE
ONES who are chasing YOU!

The greatest thing about this technique is that
it not only is EASY TO USE, but it actually makes

PLUS, it ensures you do NOT get "FRIEND-ZONED".

And you can use it ANWHERE, ANYTIME, WITH

The key here is PLAYFULLY REVERSING the stereotype,
so that SHE is now the one who is "sexually aggressive".

The reason this technique is so powerful is because it allows
a woman to playfully enjoy being what she REALLY is-which is
a sexual being just as intense and primal as any man, but
which is something that our culture tends to hide and
pretend is something that only men feel.

So with this technique, a woman gets to enjoy being
sexual with you, and because it's all playful, she
doesn't have to feel "weirded out" by it, since
she has the "it's just playful" excuse to be
this way with you. Meanwhile, in her mind,
she is actually experiencing all the sexual
vibes no matter what!

Plus, this strategy ALSO allows you to
finally turn something from third-wave
feminism to work in YOUR favor!  This is
because third-wave feminism keeps on
telling women to be more sexual,
so you may as well use THAT part
in your FAVOR here-and because
it's all playful, she can't accuse
you of being "the evil man who
just thinks about sex".

Most men try to turn things sexual in
a way that just gets women turned off
or just gets women creeped out-but
THIS way you get women into the
PERFECT frame of mind, which also
prevents you from getting "friend-zoned"
since the sexual frame is established

And what you have learned here is just
the TIP of the iceberg!

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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