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The Attractive Power Of Personality To Women

At a certain point many years ago, I heard
how women were attracted to PERSONALITY,
and upon hearing those words, I became
ANGRY because I thought this was UNTRUE.

I thought that the words “personality” meant
being this NICE GUY.

And I had TRIED for YEARS being this super
nice guy to this woman I was CRAZY about,
and it didn’t work.

And those were years of HELL with women.
Betrayal by women.
Anxiety that I would never meet a woman
where the feeling was mutual attraction.

And so the LAST thing I wanted to hear was that
women were supposedly attracted to PERSONALITY.

It took a LONG TIME for me to UNDERSTAND
what is really meant by the words of:
“Women are attracted to PERSONALITY”.

What is meant by those words is that your personality
does the following things:

1. It shows YOU are confident.

2. It shows you are optimistic.

3. It shows you are empowered.

4. It shows you are comfortable with being sexual when the time is right.

5. It gets OTHER people around you feeling upbeat, comfortable, confident, and inspired. (Just to name a few, it gets people feeling other cool things as well.)

6. It shows a sense of humor that gets people feeling GOOD.

Now, the IRONY is that so MUCH of being able
to SHOW this kind of personality boils down to
INNER GAME, which means your internal
self-concept, but there is also a large degree of
which are required as WELL, in order to SHOW
these traits.

And in a world where MEN are immersed in a CRAZY
culture that teaches them INSANE things that go
AGAINST nature and against what the TRUTH is
in terms of what attracts women, this is something
impossible for most men to do, because they
simply have been “brainwashed”.

They are like the humans in the movie The MATRIX,
who are ASLEEP to the REAL TRUTH.

It is even POSSIBLE that you might be many
cool things in reality, but not be all that great at
SHOWING them through your personality.

There are plenty of MIND-BLOWING people out
there, but you wouldn’t KNOW IT FROM THEIR

So it is important to realize that your personality
doesn’t always ACCURATELY indicate to others
who you REALLY are.

For example, a guy might be ANXIOUS about
how DESIRABLE he REALLY is, when in fact he
has TONS to offer, but because of his anxiety,
he ends up coming across in his personality as
a guy who does NOT have that much appeal,
because personality is all most people have to

And when you meet women who are total strangers,
you only have SECONDS to make the RIGHT IMPACT
and either attract her or push her away.

But when you learn how to both DEVELOP the right
personality TRAITS as well as how to SHOW them,
you start to see how the ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF

Let me give you a real-life example from bootcamp:

“I'm almost fearless with approaches & openers,
but man, I get stymied after a minute or so,
except with a captive audience, e.g. sitting near
a hot babe on the subway - since you are both
rooted in one spot for at least a few minutes, it's
easy to escalate the conversation and get
an email address.

The problem is when people are moving or only in
one spot for a moment, such as in a grocery store.

On the one hand, I love grocery stores, and have
gotten a date from one approach. But on the other
hand, the conversation has to move towards
interesting quickly, or she'll just move on after a
couple of pleasantries.

Case in point - I was shopping for laundry detergent
and saw a HB doing the same. My opener wasn't gold,
but at least it got things off the ground:

Me: "All right, which is the liquid detergent that lets
you never use fabric softening sheets again, is it
this Febreeze?"

Her: "I think so, but I'm allergic to Febreeze, so I
never use it. So I use the fabric softening sheets
in the dryer."

Me: "Yeah, but those things destroy your clothes –
the price you pay for no static cling."

Her: "I didn't know that."

And she walks away... (Boo hoo!)

Yeah, I know, boring topic, but in the heat of the
moment, what would you have done to ensure she
doesn't walk away, and then escalate?”
                              --Codename: TorontoListener



Congrats on TAKING ACTION, this is all
great stuff. Here's some tips for this
kind of situation:

everything she SAYS can and WILL be used

So even if you started really neutral, that’s fine
and prevents getting shut down right away, but
after that, it’s time to JACK UP THE ENERGY

And remember, she has PROVIDED all the
“material” for you, you just have to SEE IT
with new perspectives.

So, for example, with the Febreeze, that's
fine, and she says she's allergic to it,
aren't afraid of losing her, you would
easily say any of the following things:
(feel the TONE of what’s going on here,
more than the exact words)

1. Man, it's HARD to find good help these days!!!
But at least you're trying, I mean having allergies is
KIND of an excuse, I'm just allergic to boring people,
so I know about allergies, how about you?

What’s the coolest thing a person could do in the
supermarket? Walk into the walk in freezer on
a blistering HOT day???? Meet a total stranger?
What do you think?

(This does help motivate her to add some spice
to whatever she says now, thus increasing the
chances of this conversation having some life.)

Then, if her response to you is boring, you can
pretend to sneeze!!! Just say “ahhhhhhhhchoooo!
Oh man, I can’ t believe it, I think …I might be…
allergic to
….(give her a mischievous smile)


She will get it and laugh.

Also, another option, is when she said

 "I didn't know that" you could put on the
playful dominance and say "Well, now that
you do, that will be 5 bucks for the free
advice, but since you are such a decent
conversationalist, I'll give you the special
for only 4 bucks".
(Rewarding her subtly
for playing along.)

Then you can also TRANSITION from all this
into a greater CONNECTION:

“You know, life is so full of urgent things we
need to get done, that take TIME, but they
aren't really the IMPORTANT things, so laundry
is urgent, but it's not an "IMPORTANT" life goal,
it's IMPORTANT to make time for the things
you feel you MUST get out of life, you know
what I mean? "

At this point, she might fill the rest IN for you
and tell you about the TRULY IMPORTANT
things she wants to get done, which is a great
deeper conversation, and if she doesn't then
YOU can go onto describe the important things
that you feel are the real priorities in life.

And now you can go toward finding real bonding
things you share in common about priorities in life,
so when she gives you her number, she feels
VERY SOLID about doing so and wants you to
call her and continue this journey into discovering
who you are.

(By the way, man, I’m POSITIVE this is just you
needing to shake off the rust since you took the
Bootcamp over a year ago- you were great in
Bootcamp! You picked up a hot professor chick
at a vintage record store, got an email from a
knockout blonde, and if I'm correct I think you hit
it off right away with the first woman you approached
at the mall! So don’t knock yourself out, you clearly
have gained the skills, you just need to get sharp

I think what I just wrote here should help shake off
the rust and get you back into your zone when you
get out there to approach again!!!
But my OVERALL point here is that these comments
above that give the conversation the right FLIRTY
energy work because they are SHOWING A CERTAIN

Here’s another example:

So, for example, let's say you see a woman
anywhere, especially in a line or browsing
in a store, or in some kind of social gathering,
you might say something like this:

"Hi, my name is Bazztoord.
Don't laugh, it's spelled differently."

So let's just examine this for a moment here:

Notice how this is many things at once:

1. It gets her smiling.
2. It's playful.
3. It shows you don't need approval.
4. It shows you are secure.
5. In a subtle way, it says you are a "bad boy".


And of course, DELIVERING this with that
TOTAL sense of NOT being DEPENDENT on the
OUTCOME- so that your tonality and body
language are CONSISTENT with the INTENTION
of the message.

Notice also how NONE of this is mean-spirited.
It's just playful, confident, flirty, and
says you don't need social approval to
feel great.


So this makes it WAY MORE LIKELY that she is
going to be RECEPTIVE to your approach, even
from the very GET-GO, from the very first
second, and when you SEE that in her eyes,
it can make you feel more confident.


So this is all great stuff, yet at the SAME TIME
I am SUPER CAREFUL to actually put the RIGHT
amount of emphasis on these EXTERNAL strategies,
and not make men OVERLY-RELIANT on them either,
because MOST men want to avoid the even more
important aspects of attracting women, which
go much DEEPER.


Allow me to explain:

Although seeing a woman LIGHT UP to your initial
humor DOES give you a good feeling, the PROBLEM
is if you JUST RELY on that, you might end up becoming
RELIANT on external MATERIAL, and you might start
to think that it is not YOU who is attracting the woman,
but rather that it is something EXTERNAL to you.

And THAT is not good for your confidence or your


Also, it is CRUCIAL to realize that a big part of
humor and more importantly so much about
ATTRACTION is about your "inner game". 


And THE IRONY is that with the deep confidence
in yourself, suddenly you are able to take all that
knowledge about humor and every other strategy
for attracting women that you have learned about
from me, and now you can make it have TEN TIMES
the IMPACT on attracting women that it had previously!   

Even the GREATEST comedians will tell you that
DELIVERY is MASSIVELY important, and that the
making the comedy is A MASSIVE part of what
MAKES humor work.

You want to SHOW a personality that is playful,
that at times can also find the INSPIRATIONAL
even from what on the surface might SEEM
like mundane everyday moments- and you want to
show a personality that OOZES CONFIDENCE
and BELIEF in one’s own desirability.

And it’s all POSITIVE.
No NEGATIVE drama.
a good-natured way.

And once a woman EXPERIENCES this personality from
you, SHE will suddenly become a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT
person with you, as far as the whole attraction thing goes.

Suddenly, she is all smiley around you, she is working
hard to KEEP the conversation going, she is finding
reasons to hang around you, she is virtually MAKING
you set the date up with her, etc.

But if you DON’T display all these aspects of personality,
you can be the greatest guy in the universe and she wouldn’t
be able to EMOTIONALLY sense it.

It all comes through in your PERSONALITY.
And there is also a certain amount of insight into
female psychology that is also important to your
success with women-which is another part of 
what I teach as well.

For example, understanding all the things that you could
do that would inadvertently come across to her as you
thinking she was “cheap” or a slut, would DESTROY
your chances with her.  This comes from the fact
that throughout history, women have had to be
careful not to be perceived as sluts, or men would
have nothing to do with them, so if you accidentally
make a comment or show a behavior that indicates
you think she is cheap or slutty, you will usually
cause her to get away from you fast.

Now, for over THIRTEEN YEARS, I have been helping
men to not only develop the personality traits that
naturally attract women, but also I have been helping
men learn to SHOW these traits INSTANTLY to women
in order to attract them, from the very first moment
of the approach, all the way to getting physical and
KEEPING women attracted long-term as well.

I help men not only through my ESSENTIAL BOOKS
and PROGRAMS which you can see not only at

but also in PERSON through my LIVE BOOTCAMPS.
In my BOOTCAMPS, I take you in person and show you
develop and unleash these attractive personality
traits, but also I show you how to DISPLAY these
traits to women IMMEDIATELY when you see them.

I will actually be the “voice in your head” to guide you
along the way at every step of the way as you approach
and attract women in real time at real places like coffee
shops, bookstores, cafes, supermarkets, public transit,
and much more.

Plus I will demonstrate everything live as well, of course.


We are living in CRAZY TIMES, when being a man is
TOUGHER THAN EVER. If you are a man growing up
in our society, it is usually IMPOSSIBLE for you to
develop properly and learn how to do this all on
your OWN.

In the UK, for example, over 76% of suicides are MALE.

Being a man is the HARDEST thing to SURVIVE today,
and the most PRIMAL need for a man, other than
food and shelter itself, is the need for WOMAN.

And things like modern feminism is SCREWING UP
it IMPOSSIBLE for most men to succeed with women!


Let me HELP you CONQUER this challenge and not
only WIN, but help you win MASSIVELY, to get the
power of CHOICE with women.

I’m on a MISSION to help men EVERYWHERE
get success with women.  

Let me help you get the success with women that
you really CAN be having right NOW.

If you don’t take action, NOTHING will change.
Take action NOW, and change the course of your
LIFE with women FOREVER by ordering my programs
and booking a BOOTCAMP with me ASAP.

To contact me with any questions about any of my
programs, email me at

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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