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Attracting Women: Congruency & Being A Man Of Achievement

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And now, here is a CRUCIAL newsletter on
attracting women:

One of the key components of my method
for getting guys to attract women so QUICKLY,
even if they are total BEGINNERS, is my
emphasis on something known as CONGRUENCY.

Congruency means that EVERYTHING about

Your lifestyle.
Your words.
Your body language.
Your values.
Your thoughts.

The irony about this is that unfortunately
many men are taught in a way that breeds
the OPPOSITE of congruency in the way
they try to attract women.

This opposite of congruency is known as

It means being INCONSISTENT.

It means that not all your channels of
communication are matching up.

For example, some instructors may SAY
to their students that they should NOT
by misogynistic toward women in their
behaviors, but then these same instructors
will film women and pick-ups of course WITHOUT
the permission of these women, and then
send the video out to the world!

Total disrespect for women, including some
very good women who are truly innocent in
every way. Including filming women in pick-ups
from countries without a shred of feminism.

And there’s not even a POINT in doing that
no matter what, because 99% of the whole
problem IS feminism.  Men in countries
without feminism don’t HAVE these same issues.

Plus, these instructors will immerse guys in
talk obsessed only about “getting laid” and then
suddenly switch the next week to talking about
how important it is to find a quality woman
and how it’s not all about “getting laid”.

So what does this end up teaching to a student?
It teaches CONFUSION.
It makes a student wonder just how important
integrity and respect really is.

It makes the student feel they have to HIDE
some of their thoughts from the women they

It teaches CLASHING behaviors, it creates
INCONGRUENCIES in the students’ minds, and
therefore, since body language is just a reflection
of our state of mind and what is in our mind, it
ends up teaching INCONGRUENT body language.

How CONFIDENT can you come across when you
are CONFLICTED inside?

And how TRUSTWORTHY will your body language be
when your body language is showing opposite things?

For example, at first, it might show a bit of sincerity,
since you sincerely want to attract her, but then the
next second it might show nervousness, since you
know your source for information on women is
untrustworthy and creepy and lacking integrity
with regard to respect.

And the woman has no idea why you are nervous,
she just knows that you feel something is wrong,
so she too will feel something is wrong—and
in a BILLIONTH of a second.

Everything about what I do and teach is CONGRUENT,
and so the people who learn from me become congruent
as well.

This is the most massive thing in that FIRST moment
when you approach a woman, especially in a non-club
or non-party environment, because in these normal
places like coffee shops or supermarkets or public
transit, the woman has no context for why you
are approaching her. 

So ANYTHING that smacks of sketchiness, untrustworthiness,
inconsistency- INCONGRUENCY, on even the most
SUBTLE level, is enough to DESTROY the guy

ESPECIALLY in a culture of feminism where women
unfortunately often have the wrong idea about men
unless they already know them.

There IS a way to succeed with women, but it has
to be done RIGHT.

Another aspect of congruency I instill in my students
Is making sure they don’t put on an ACT that is
different from their real personalities. 

I ERADICATE the toxic beliefs, the insecurities, and
I fill in the gaps in their knowledge regarding attraction,
but I don’t try to fundamentally change men’s personalities.

This way, the men come across as being BOTH
masculine/powerful AND being themselves.

And this is what women WANT.

Now, there is more to it as well, such as being
WARM and SINCERE, but this too is often a
component of being REAL and CONGRUENT

The SECOND point of major importance I want to
bring to your attention is a fundamental FLAW
in most men’s perception of how attraction works.

Most men think that WANTING a woman, very badly,
is actually a big part of the ATTRACTION. To be specific,
they think that TELLING a woman how much they want
her, has something to do with how much the woman
will be emotionally moved and attracted.

There is this FEELING inside us men, that if these
women only KNEW how much we wanted them,
that this would somehow make a DIFFERENCE.

But the fact that YOU want her really has NOTHING
to do with HER being attracted.

Also, on a related note, we as men think that if
women only knew how much we would LOVE
them, how much we would CARE for them,
that somehow THIS would make a difference
in attracting women.

But this stuff ONLY matters if something ELSE
is present, and in fact if this something ELSE
is present, then almost NOTHING else matters
at all.

And that thing that REALLY matters is THIS:

It must show in your tonality.
No rising pitch in your voice when talking
to her, for example. That’s a sign of power
and confidence.

A few well-timed CONFIDENT expressions

This shows you are a man who doesn’t need
to be so serious all the time, because you have it
ALL under control.

Dressing in a way that shows you are
AWAKE with exciting thoughts and not
asleep in a world of mundane boredom.

And not being afraid of rejection-which means
you CAN express your interest in her, you
CAN be warm and sincere with her, but
you are totally cool with WHATEVER she
says, since you KNOW you have INFINITE
options with women.

This WARMTH to women while also showing
POWER and SINCERITY without any incongruencies
is an UNBEATABLE combination, because it
makes a woman not only feel ATTRACTION,
it also allows her to feel GENUINE TRUST,
so she feels it is SAFE for her to actually
RELEASE herself in her entirety-body, soul,
and mind-to YOU. 

And the IRONY is that women don’t WANT you
to be in such NEED of any particular one woman,
including themselves, because women KNOW
that men who really DO EXUDE POWER have
MILLIONS of options with gorgeous women.

Being INDIFFERENT doesn’t mean you don’t
ENJOY the fact she IS interested-it means you
truly aren’t NEGATIVELY AFFECTED by the
outcome of the interaction- so much so,
that the entire TIME during the interaction
you are only focused on the INTERACTION
itself, NOT the OUTCOME.

And of course it is THESE kinds of interactions
that ATTRACT women!

Now, attracting women has two DIMENSIONS
to it-one is UNDERSTANDING all the techniques,
the other is the INNER GAME dimension, which
deals with your MIND-SET.

In BOOTCAMP, I take care of BOTH, and you
actually learn through DOING it as well-you
will actually be attracting women, with me
as your private and exclusive coach.



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