Friday, April 20, 2018

The Difference Between Male And Female Sexual Jealousy

There is one issue that truly can DESTROY a relationship faster than any OTHER, whether you've known a woman for three MINUTES or whether you've known her for three DECADES.

That issue is JEALOUSY.

And what is such a tragedy in our times is that men and women don't KNOW the truth about how jealousy in fact works DIFFERENTLY for men and women.

The reason men and women don't know how this is DIFFERENT is because FEMINISM tries to preach that men and women are exactly the SAME.

This misunderstanding causes DISASTROUS consequences for men and women who would otherwise be having an amazing time with each other.

The difference between male and female sexual jealousy is that men are most intensely affected by the thought of their girlfriend or wife  having sex with someone else, and women usually are most affected by the thought of their boyfriend or husband falling in love with someone else.
This is due to the fact that a woman always knew she was the mother of all her children, but historically a man never knew if he was truly the father. From an evolutionary point of view, it is a CATASTROPHE for the continuation of his DNA if he has not fathered his own children!

This is why it is an evolutionary ADVANTAGE for men to have an AVERSION to women who are physically unfaithful or who seem like risky choices when it comes to them being physically faithful.

For women on the other hand, it is from an evolutionary point of view catastrophic for "her man" to become EMOTIONALLY committed to some other woman, because he might decide to devote his resources to helping raise that OTHER woman's child or children.  

Of course, in general men and women don't want their partners to cheat in any sense physically or emotionally, but what is MOST repulsive is DIFFERENT based on whether someone is a man or a woman, because of these facts.

Denying these facts simply serves to MISINFORM men and women about each other, and causes men and women to hurt each other emotionally in ways that are so destructive that the trust can never be repaired. So it destroys relationships, destroys families, harms the children who grow up in these families, and ultimately destroys SOCIETY as well.

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