Thursday, April 12, 2018

How Modern Culture Ruins Women For Relationships And What To Do About It

Western women are bombarded today with messages telling them that they should ALWAYS be happy, and this creates a multitude of horrific effects that makes millions and millions of women not only miserable, but RUINED for any positive long-term relationships.

First of all, when you pursue something that is impossible, you are going to feel disappointed when you fail to achieve your objective, which is a lot worse than just accepting reality and making peace with it.

Second of all, in the current cultural climate, women are encouraged to pursue various short-term strategies for "happiness" such as promiscuity, shopping, and other distractions that release the chemical known as dopamine, which gives a short-term feeling of exhilaration, but there is an inverse relationship between dopamine and the chemical which makes you feel a much deeper sense of happiness, calm, and satisfaction. That chemical is known as serotonin. Too much dopamine release means a shortage of serotonin, and a lack of serotonin makes a person feel depressed.

On top of all this is the fact that most feminists promote the belief in women that women are not responsible for what happens to them; instead they blame men for almost EVERYTHING, and almost everything negative is somehow the fault of the mythological "male patriarchy". So if a woman isn't happy, it's too easy for her to simply blame the man in her life for her problems.

And even if she doesn't blame the man in her life, the fact of the matter is she is likely to be feeling unhappy and miserable as a result of these toxic attitudes. When a person is feeling miserable, they tend to see the world from "putrid colored glasses" so everything seems tainted and flawed in this perspective, including even the best of relationships-this causes so many women to abandon perfectly good relationship and perfectly good men, and to continue a never-ending cycle of moving on from relationship to relationship, repeating the same issues because at the heart of the matter is a flawed perspective that will sabotage even the most perfect situation.

Do not take this bombardment of false promises for happiness lightly. The power of DESIRE is so strong because at its root is the PROMISE of happiness, the promise of bliss, which is very different than bliss itself, and in fact is far more powerful of a controlling force on the mind than bliss. 

Proof of this exists in lab experiments where rats would trigger the desire impulse in themselves even to the point of death-they would forego food and sex so that they could just keep on pressing the switch that triggered the feeling of desire in them-they even subjected themselves to burns when the floor they needed to cross was covered in heated wires-they continued to cross the floor in order to get to the other side where the button for triggering desire was located-and they charred their own feet and were willing to do this again and again in order to get that feeling of desire.

Women are bombarded with this feeling of desire constantly-they are constantly told they COULD be happy if they only did more of this e.g. promiscuity, or more of that e.g. shopping or vacations or career, etc.

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