Tuesday, January 7, 2020

What To Do If Someone Is Trying To Steal Your Woman, And A Very Special Offer Too!

Today, I have two awesome things to share with you: 
The first is a new video on what to do if a woman is 
not reciprocating your interest in her, and the second
is a special offer on one of my most important programs, 
which is how to gain a sense of confident humor to easily 
attract women.

So without any further ado, let's begin!

As you can see from this video, CONVEYING confidence 

And that's where a powerful sense of humor, especially 
aparticular style of humor I call confident humor, is so 
important for attracting women for TWO major reasons:

The first is because confident humor is a
particularly effective way of showing confidence,
as when a message is delivered in a way that
elicits emotion it makes infinitely more IMPACT
than just TELLING someone a fact.

TELLING a woman you are confident is
pretty meaningless. But SHOWING her you
are confident in a way that gets her SMILING
is POWERFUL and it RESONATES in her
mind for a long time even after you are finished
speaking with her.

And of course, confidence and being secure in
yourself is attractive, and now you have shown
this to her in a very powerful way.

And yet, there is ANOTHER reason why a
powerful sense of humor is so important if
you are going to succeed in meeting women
 and attracting women anywhere you see them.

This second reason is because of LOGISTICS.

What I mean by logistics, is that sometimes,
the logistics of the situation are AWKWARD
and it makes it difficult to even get the conversation
STARTED so that you can attract her, but a
great sense of HUMOR allows you to smoothly
manoeuver your way through these situations.

For example, if you meet a woman in an elevator
and there is very little time to get the conversation
started, or if you meet her while she is in a rush,
or as she is on her way out while you are walking
into some place, and you don’t want to come across
as desperate, or any of a million other awkward
situations. HUMOR allows you to BYPASS these
logistical situations because her mind is too busy
CONSCIOUSLY about the actual logistics.

Studies also show it is almost impossible to
dislike someone who has just made you laugh
several times in a row!

And this is where a very powerful program of mine
comes in. It’s called The Skill of Confident Humor,
and in it I interview a man who I personally worked
with while conducting a bootcamp of mine, where
several men were learning from us how to approach
and attract women anywhere.

We were in malls, clothing stores, cafes, on the sidewalks,
you name it we did it, demonstrating and teaching how
to pick up women for real.

This man is now married to a fantastic woman, but
back then he was single and he also was a professional
stand-up comedian, and one of the most modest and
funny and down-to-earth guys I have ever known.

And if you just met him, you would think he is just
this totally normal guy..meanwhile, he had a such a
powerful and wild sense of humor he would have
women going CRAZY around him laughing in SECONDS
…and have them eating out of his hands.

He was also a professional pick-up coach, and one of
the very few normal guys with solid values in this field.

This is an hour-long audio interview where he shares
not only his insights into humor, but more importantly
he DEMONSTRATES by example, even as he is
ANSWERING the questions you will be laughing hard.

And I also analyze the things he is doing to help you
understand WHY the things he does WORKS to
create laughter.

I promise you that this program will give you very
powerful strategies and examples of how to unleash
you natural confident humor that you can use with
women ANYWHERE you find them.

And for 24 hours only, this program, which normally
costs $19.97, is now available for only $9.97. 

And what’s fantastic as well is that you can be
using this program right NOW as I have made it
available for instant download.

It’s at:

Be cool…

Michael Marks

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