Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Saving Masculinity And Femininity

Since the beginning of human history, men and women have had a natural BOND that attracts each to the other. Masculine attracts feminine, and feminine attracts masculine. The role of men was always considered JUST as vital as the role of women. 

But this is no longer the case. Today, in the western world, men are considered monsters, rapists-in-waiting, and in general they are looked at as basically a bunch of violent beasts.

And while masculinity is being attacked, so too is traditional FEMININITY. Women are told to be more masculine and aggressive, and to be more vulgar and promiscuous. As if this is somehow a way to become more "equal" to men, and to be "stronger" than they were before.

It's no COINCIDENCE that in a society where men are told they are garbage, that men are considered less IMPORTANT to society, and to the upbringing of a FAMILY. It's no coincidence that now, like no time in history, families are being raised with NO fathers. 

It's no COINCIDENCE that this has lead to men who in their 20s go through HELL trying to be successful with women, and then when these men finally come into their own, and gain status, they are no longer interested in the women who rejected them for years and years.   

It's no COINCIDENCE that we have more single people than ever before in history. And that more men would rather play video games today than go through hell with women who feel these men are not worth respecting. 

And it's no COINCIDENCE that millions of women who thought men and having children was a waste of their time are now regretting having no children and no families and instead only have cats and dogs because for so  many years all they could tell men was that they must love dogs rather than tell men that these men would be a priority instead of their pets.

And it's no COINCIDENCE that the children coming from these broken families are more likely to be involved in every problem from drugs to jail to teenage pregnancy to suicide, ALL THANKS TO MODERN FEMINISM and so called 'PROGRESSIVISM' that threw all the traditional values down the toilet.

To make an impact on society, we must appeal to the EMOTIONS. 

And that's exactly what I'm doing right now, with this film. 
But we need your help to complete it.

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Be cool,

Michael Marks

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