Friday, June 28, 2019

What Women Don't Know About Men's Sexual Nature

Feminism and political correctness indoctrinates women to believe that men have the same sexual nature as women. This lie makes women clueless about the most fundamental truth about male sexual nature and it destroys relationships, marriages, and families. 

And it has the effect of making good men seem evil and making evil men seem good. For example, if a woman believes that men are the same as women, then only a JEALOUS man would POSSIBLY have any issues with any man taking out his girlfriend or wife for dinner, drinks, dancing, or anything else! Because only "pigs" think about women sexually so easily.

And vice versa: A man that is very "liberal" with having no rules at all for what is appropriate behavior for married couples or people in relationships in terms of how they interact with the opposite sex-well such a man is very NOBLE and VIRTUOUS, as he is "PROGRESSIVE" and not "possessive", "jealous", or "insecure". 

Of course, when later it is discovered that the only way a guy can be so "liberal" is if he HIMSELF is cheating, or if he himself is a CUCK, well that never gets mentioned or recognized because it doesn't fit in with the feminist, politically-correct narrative.

The backlash to feminist and politically-correct insanity has already started and has many manifestations, but ultimately what we see now will be nothing compared to the tidal wave that is coming if the current horrific trends continue. 

Long -term success with women is about finding the RIGHT women who haven't had their perspective of men and of life WARPED by modern trends. And long-term success is about having the kinds of insights and skills to KEEP a relationship thriving as well. And yet, you STILL also have to get OUT THERE and MEET women in the first place. 

And for EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, I am here to ensure your success. I take this field VERY seriously and feel it is a grave responsibility to teach guys NOT how to get into bed with promiscuous women (as this is not only EASY because there are so MANY promiscuous women around these days, but also this does NOT end up contributing to a guy's overall sense of happiness or well-being in the SLIGHTEST) but how to actually find and get a GREAT woman for something LASTING.

Regarding my credentials, I am the ONLY "dating coach" who is also a pick-up artist who PROVED himself at actually getting men success at not only PICK-UP but also at turning those pick-ups into RELATIONSHIPS that worked. 

It's the reason the largest newspaper in the country chose me as the OFFICIAL coach for the men in their "Get A Relationship Challenge" contest where guys from every walk of life joined in order to find women and actually turn those prospects into relationships! There is no other dating coach who is also a pick-up artist who actually publicly PROVED all this. Want to SEE the proof? Go here:

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