Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Golden Tips On Picking Up Women You Won't See Anywhere Else!

I have an insanely important newsletter today, complete with THREE new videos that really give you golden, truly USEFUL strategies for success at picking up women and for attracting women beyond the pick-up as well.

First, let's get to golden new tips on picking up women that you won't find anywhere else!

In this video, you'll learn the crucial importance of not "shifting" out of your personality! PLUS, you'll learn the most powerful way to build a connection-by discovering and genuinely validating the most socially valuable aspects of her personality! And MUCH more awesome content on attracting quality women - all inside this video! Let's get to it now!

Next, sometimes things go wrong when you're trying to pick up a woman, and the solution is to stay calm and stay on course. Do not try to overcompensate with being overly macho or arrogant. See things as much as possible from her perspective and realize the most delicate parts of the pick-up and the attraction is the early stages-later on. Of course, you still do all this from a standpoint of confidence, including confident voice tonality and body language. 

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And third, if a woman keeps looking at you, especially if she is also smiling, it is a HUGE sign that she may be interested in you. HOWEVER, you should NEVER limit yourself just to approaching women who are looking at you! 

Not only is it LIMITING your opportunities when you just look for women who are looking at you, and not only will you feel terrible about missing out on all the women who didn't look at you but who may have been interested in you had they just actually had a chance to speak with you by you approaching them, but ALSO the fact is that women are ATTRACTED to men with COURAGE, including the COURAGE to approach them if the women are NOT looking at them! 

Unfortunately, so much of the world preys on WEAKNESS, including videos catered to guys who are insecure. I am telling you that the insecurity ITSELF is the biggest enemy of all, and so DO NOT JUST LIMIT YOURSELF to women who are looking at you! 

The thing to do with women who are looking at you is the same thing you should do with women who aren't looking at you-if you are interested in them then approach them! This is part of what it means to be an attractive man who doesn't give into his fears.

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